Tujhse Hai Raabta 1st August 2019 Written Update:- Malhar brings an unknown female in family

The episode begins with Malhar enters Ketki house and sees she is sitting with a person lying on the floor. Ketki asks Malhar to check whether her husband is alive or not? Malhar checks his pulse and sees he is no more, Ketki shouts for her husband. She cries hard while Pawar informs Malhar that those militants have escaped. Malhar feels sad for Ketki and says he will get those under him.



Here in the house, Kalyani tells Moksh that she can’t believe that Malhar and Ketki are those kinds of best friends. She says both of them gave each other different nicknames. She says she also wants to meet this Ketki now. Here, Anupriya comes there and asks Kalyani to come out and see what is Aao sahib is doing? Kalyani says she had enough of Aao saheb dramas.


Here Aao sahib is asking every flower and sweet vendor to deliver any sweet and flowers and garlands for marriage or else she will not let any of the villagers buy any stuff from any of them as she has powers enough over villagers.
Kalyani falls on Aao Sahib’s feet and does drama of crying and requesting her to let her do the rituals. Aao saheb ego got boost up and she says she is happy that Kalyani understands who is important in the house? Kalyani says you like these begging right? Because it is boosting your ego well, you really think I will do this? She calls Atharava and tells Aao Sahib that she already booked every necessary thing for marriage through online starting from sweets to flowers to other things. They will deliver all by evening. She says she will get Aparna and Vaman married by tomorrow morning itself. She says for priest Malhar is capable enough to conduct it so she doesn’t need to worry.
Later, Kalyani informs Atul that for Malhar only she was able to perform last rites of Madhuri or else Aao Sahib didn’t let her do anything. Atul says I thought really wrong about him. Sampada comes there and scolds Kalyani for everything. Aparna comes and slams Sampada for not being able to see her own parents happy whereas Kalyani who is nothing of her is doing everything for her happiness. Sampada gets angry on Kalyani and curses her to be unhappy and unfortunate in life as she snatches everything from her. All get shocked while Kalyani feels sad.


Here Ketki tells Malhar about how she gets connected to these terrorists and say they will kill her as well. Malhar says I will transfer you to a safe place. Here in the house, the functions of marriage started and all are doing fun and enjoyment. Kalyani takes part in it and makes it more beautiful and Atul also joins it from Aparna’s side. While Malhar drives back home with Ketki. Kalyani performs on “Mehendi Laga Ke Rakhna” with Atharva and everyone enjoys the happiness.


Malhar comes home and Ketki comes out of the jeep and feels dizzy and faints. Kalyani, on the other hand, says she wants to apply Mehendi for Malhar and wants his name on her hand. Anupriya happily agrees while Malhar enters with Ketki in his arms and ask for water. Everyone in the family gets shocked to see this while Kalyani recognizes the girl to be Ketki and thinks how Malhar meets her all of a sudden. Atharva asks Kalyani if Malhar brought a stepmother for him and everyone reacts in shock.
Precap – Kalyani asks Malhar how he meet Ketki while her mehendi got spoiled to handle Ketki and Anupriya notices it.