Tujhse Hai Raabta 1st February 2021 Written Update: Shera doubts Sarthak is behind his attack

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Episode starts with Tony tells to Shera that who attacked him is not their enemies and that person makes deliver boy Unconscious and came as delivery boy. Shera says this guy knows everything about house. Avni gives money to men and asks him to make Godavari strucked in Raid otherwise it won’t be good. Men assures him that Godavari signed contract so she can’t escape. Avni says now Godavari will know what’s revenge and she asks him to leave. Aaosaheb asks this that men, why you gave him money. Avni says he is my men. Aaosaheb asks if she is hiding something from her. Avni says no. Aaosaheb says dont forget your promise to release Vivek from jail. Avni says she remember her promise and revenge on Shera and Kalyani too. Aaosaheb asks her to not touch Godavari in her revenge.

Godavari sees the news that how the raid took place in company where girl employees talk with customers in Ashleel way and police are searching for the company employees. Aaosaheb sees it and says which house girls will do this work, glad our house ladies sanskaar is good and she leaves asking Godavari to have food. Godavari gets tensed thinking what if police reached here while searching me than she gets inspector call and she cuts the call and writes suicide letter and leaves from home.

Shera sees phone fell down near Sarthak but Moksh disturbs him asking him to play cricket and in this gap that phone is missing from that place. Anupriya asks why he looks worried. Shera tells her Sarthak phone is missing. Anupriya tells him Sarthak phone is with her. Shera tells her how he saw another phone. Anupriya tells him maybe it’s his imagination. Moksh calls him for match.

Shera goes to play cricket where he finds a shoe and thinks it is of the guy who attacked him. Anupriya sees him holding the shoe in his hand and says it is of Sarthak and she is searching it since night. Anupriya Shera says so Sarthak is one who attacked me. Anupriya says he can’t be. Shera goes to Sarthak with that shoe. Kalyani says he can’t blame uncle. Shera says Sarthak is hiding something. Sarthak says no and signs Anupriya to check under bed where she founds Sarthak shoe. Kalyani apologies to Kaka from Shera side. Shera leaves room after apologizing.

Kalyani tells Shera to not hurt her Aayi doubting Sarthak. Than Shera gets call from Tomy. Sarthak thanks Anupriya and asks her to give him another chance. Anupriya says don’t forget Avni is your wife. Sarthak asks who might be the one trying to harm Shera. Anupriya says it can be Avni.

Inspector came to arrest Godavari. Aaosaheb tells him that Godavari is innocent than she goes to call Godavari and notices letter in her room, Avni takes letter and says if you give this letter family reputation will be down and if not She may commit suicide.

Aaosaheb tells to inspector Godavari is not going to office. Avni asks inspector to read the letter to know what happened that time Kalyani brings Godavari to home and asks what’s the matter inspector. Inspector says he have warrant against Godavari. Kalyani says Godavari never worked in call center. Avni asks than how her name come in list. Shera comes out talking on phone like girl and tells he used Godavari name to work in call centre. Avni says Kalyani and Shera are trying to save Godavari. Kalyani submits Anticipatory bail of Shera to inspector. Inspector leaves after apologizing to Godavari. Avni goes inside frustratedly. Godavari thanks Kalyani. Kalyani tells her that they have to face problems, glad Shera friend saw you so we got chance to save you.

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