Tujhse Hai Raabta 20th December 2019 Written Update: Aahir tortures Malhar

Episode starts with Anupriya cries thinking Kalyani is hiding things from her. She saw Sarthak and follows him to orphanage, he meets his daughter happily and Anupriya cries seeing them and thinks why it’s happened to her always when she wants to close someone. Malhar says Sabji is ready but I don’t know how to make roti. Naxal asks him to clean vessels. Malhar adds arbi pieces in curry.

Kalyani informs Malhar kidnapping news to Maduri. Naxals feels uncomfortable after eating food. Malhar reminds how he felt uncomfortable eating Arbi food. Anupriya notice Arbi curry and asks Kalyani did you boil it before preparing curry. Kayani says no. Anupriya says it’s side effect of this curry and he will feels this uncomfortable in voice for 2more days. Phone fell from naxal pocket and Malhar takes it with him.

Kalyani shows Malhar pic to Madhuri. She says I know this person and he is the one who helped me to escape and informs me Kalyani is my daughter. Madhuri says they are dangerous and beating Malhar badly. Kalyani cries.

 Malhar thinks to call Pawar to inform New ACP to change the security code. Atharv comes there, snatches phone from his hand and breaks it. he removes his spec and smiles in a suspicious manner. Malhar thinks whether he got his memory but than he notice the cracker bursting behind him. Atharva informs Aahir is the one who asked me to do in this manner otherwise he will burn me with crackers.

Aahir aims pistol at Malhar and says I saw when you while taking phone and asks What you mixed in food. Malhar says I will see how you release naxals because I will do anything to stop you. Aahir says you lost your last chance and you can never meet Kalyani again.

Kalyani asks Madhuri to remember some landmark. Madhuri says Im not remembering anything. Kalyani asks her to remember but seeing Anupriya ,she changes topic. Anupriya thinks I’m not kid and I know you’re hiring things from me intentionally. Kalyani asks AAI come. Anupriya asks did you prepare the food. Kalyani says not yet and I will prepare now. Anupriya says no need and I will prepare. Kalyani asks Madhuri to remind any person face. Madhuri says no. Kalyani moves to outside and cries thinking where to search Malhar or how to handle these many problems ganapati bappa. Anupriya comes to Kalyani. She says I’m feeling bad seeing Madhuri condition and why you’re acting like my strict SAAS , Madhuri may feel you’re torturing me. Anupriya asks you want to say anything to me. Kalyani says nothing and I will always share everything with you because you’re my best friend and AAI. Anupriya thinnks You said their will no change between us after Madhuri entry but changes are visible. Kalyani thinks I can’t make AAI condition more stressful revealing about Malhar kidnap.

Aahir beats Malhar badly and applies salt on his wounds and says our another person from team gonna release naxals from jail using code. Malhar hisses in pain.