Tujhse Hai Raabta 20th February 2020 Written Update: Kalyani becomes surrogate mother

Episode starts with. Doctor said to Kalyani that IVF procedure is done. And asks Kalyani to sign surrogacy contract. Before this, Kalyani remember that how she stops Malti for doing this. As she’s very ill. And Kalyani scold Malti for doing this because of money. And threats her, that if she’s carry ACP Malhar’s child in this condition . She’s going to call ACP and tells about her betrayal. And then he’s going to arrest you and Sampada as well.
After this Malti decide to not become surrogate mother for Sampada. Kalyani said don’t tell about this to Sampada as she wants to become surrogate mother for Malhar’s child. And wants to hide this from Sampada. Later, she sign the papers. And asks nurse about baby. Nurse said, just eat well and take your medicines.
Here, Athrav asks Kalyani where is she. As he’s waiting for her so long. When he saw Kalyani holds her tummy. he asked her, Did your tummy hurt. She said yes. Athrav wants to hug her. But she said, you can’t hug me now otherwise my tummy starts getting hurt again.
Later, Kalyani came to police station. She saw her mother. And wants to tell her about her pregnancy. And thank Malhar to help her mother. Anupriya asks Kalyani and Malhar to remarry and live happily. Kalyani asks Anupriya why you saying all of this, are you going on vacation or what.
Then she saw handcuffs in Anupriya’s hands. She asks Malhar what is this.Amma ji blames Malhar as he can’t save Anupriya from this mess. This made Kalyani sad. But Anupriya said, she proud of Malhar as he respects his duty so much and also she’s not guilty for this. as she can kill that person hundred times who wants to hurt her daughter. Anupriya said to Kalyani not to tell anyone that you are my daughter. As i don’t want people start calling you criminal’s daughter.
Kalyani took a adoption paper she said to Anupriya sign this. Anupriya asks what is this. Kalyani said this is adoption paper and from now on you are my responsibility and no one can break us apart. This made everyone in tears. While Malhar asks Anupriya to leave as they are getting late. After this Malhar and Anupriya leaves. (Episode end)