Tujhse Hai Raabta 20th January 2021 Written Update: Kalyani gets shocked knowing Madhav is murderer of Malhar

Tujhse Hai Raabta 20th January 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Kalyani asks Shera to forgive her saying they needs his help to catch Malhar murderer. Anupriya goes. Shera agrees and dances on his mind when Kalyani asks him sweetly. Shera asks Moksh to call him Shera from nowonwards not uncle. Moksh agrees. Kalyani asks Moksh to tell what happened on that day.

. Moksh says Anupriya Aunty didn’t killed Dad, she tries to take out Kanjar from Dad chest, someone stabbed Dad and ran away. Kalyani asks if he ever saw that person. Moksh says that person is in wheel chair and that person photo is available in our house, he takes her to room and shows Madhav photo. Kalyani gets shocked. Anupriya listens Everything. Shera asks who’s that person. Kalyani says he is Dad of Malhar who’s Dead.

Anupriya says how can Madhav ji kill Malhar? You guys said Madhav ji is dead, did you lied to us Sarthak ji? Why you write in chit that you killed Malhar? Did someone forced you. Sarthak can’t tell her. Anupriya says I can’t tell anything to Kalyani because I’m my hands are tied but you can help Kalyani, is Madhav is alive? Sarthak can’t say anything.

At station Kalyani checks old files to know about Madhav and tells Shera that even if Madhav is alive how can dad kill his own son. Shera says Moksh is telling with confidence so it can be truth. Kalyani searches few more files. Shera opens his button. Kalyani sees him than he buttons his shirt saying it’s hot. Kalyani says Aayi is not ready to tell me why she goes to that place, wish to get clue soon.

Anupriya tries to take money from Sarthak wallet to buy his medicines and tells him that she may never took his money if she have it. Avni takes wallet from her saying you can’t steal money and gives her cards and than says these cards are emptied because of me. Anupriya says she needs money for Sarthak medicines. Avni asks her do house works to get money.

Shera brings food and asks her to have it. Kalyani asks him to have it saying she is busy. Shera asks her to have it while working. Kalyani haves it than thanks Shera for bringing Moksh voice back. Shera asks if she knows where he get that idea. Kalyani says through monies. Shera smiles and admires her than gives her water when she needed.

Avni says Aayi why are you respecting Aaosaheb? She is changed and teamed up with Avni. Aaosaheb overhears their convo. Anupriya says Aaosaheb helped me when I needed, she may be harsh but her heart is good, we don’t know why she is helping Avni. Avni comes to kitchen and asks Anupriya why she prepared so much food. Anupriya says it’s for everyone. Avni says I asked you to prepare for me not for everyone, you can beg in roads because it’s my husband money. Godavari about to fight with her but Anupriya stops her.

Avni locks food in fridge and throws biscuits at them to have it, than she sees Moksh and ask him to bark. Moksh says he is not dog to bark. Avni says she sees them like dogs than Moksh bites her hand and She us about to beat him with Belan but Anupriya stops her, Avni leaves from kitchen. Anupriya says you don’t have to behave in this way with elders. Moksh says Avni worried my Aifi so I must be Rakshak to my Aifi.

Kalyani sees Shera sleeping loudly in lockup and thinks he may lock me in big problem one day. Than Commissioner asks Pawar to close Malhar file. Kalyani throws glass to make Shera get up. Commissioner asks from when he started sleeping in lock up. Kalyani tells Malhar trying this method to catch new culprit.

.Commissioner says I heard robbery happened at your place, is it for those idols. Shera says don’t know than Commissioner gives Malhar diary to Shera where he used to written national precious idol infos. Kalyani says they can found their details through this diary and she checks it and founds map in it. Kalyani says what can be this place. Shera says he knows the place.

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