Tujhse Hai Raabta 20th July 2021 Written Update: Gungun’s Magic trick gives a Hint to Malhar and Kalyani

Tujhse Hai Raabta 20th July 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode begins with Malhar entering their room followed by Kalyani behind. Kalyani tells him that she has seen him at that place and asks him to trust her as she won’t lie. She asks him as to how can one person be at two places at the same time. Malhar says that he is playing with their minds but they are not understanding it. Malhar and Kalyani get into an argument. Anupriya and Sarthak comes there singing a ek dusre se karte hain Pyaar hum together. They both is joined by Kalyani who tries to console Malhar who is upset at them. They dance around him and tries to make him understand. Malhar asks them to stop while Anupriya tells him that he can never be a rapist and Sarthak seconds her. They show her a pic of indhu with Ajinkya. Malhar is still not ready to accept it.

Aausaheb is Praying to Lord Ganesha crying and Prays him to fix everything. She cries for Godavari whose life is ruined with the marriage. Aausaheb is crying Praying to God when a woman comes there with a gift and apologises for not coming to the Marriage. She asks for Godavari and her husband to which Aausaheb covers up. She invites Aausaheb and her Family to the Function. She tells her about a family who is cut off from the family and is not invited anywhere as their daughter is getting divorced. Aausaheb gets worried hearing it and remembers Anupriya’s words about getting Godavari divorced.

Ajinkya’s look like and Indhu celebrate their victory. He says he won’t spare them for breaking their family. Indhu says that she got his twin married with Godavari as they are influencing in this society. She tells him how she has met Ajinkya and emotionally blackmailed him and assures that he knows nothing. She asks him to escape to Australia selling their properties.

Kalyani comes to their Room and tries to convince Malhar who is not getting convinced. She tries to get romantic with him. He lifts her in his arms and putting her on the bed, he is about to kiss her when Gungun comes there saying she has a magic trick and they ask her to show.

Anupriya is laying on bed with head ache. Sarthak proposes to give her a massage ahd does the massage. Anupriya gets emotional looking at Godavari’s pic and cries sharing her childhood memories.

Ajinkya’s look alike decides to get intimate with Godavari.

Malhar tells Kalyani to send Gungun and she convinces her to leave after appreciating her magic trick. Gungun asks her whether she found out the trick. Gungun explains the trick about how a joker vanishes and the other one comes making them think. On the other side Ajinkya’s look alike comes into the room. The Screen Freezes On Kalyani’s, Malhar’s and Ajinkya’s look alike face.

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