Tujhse Hai Raabta 21st November 2019 Written Update: Moksh in the tulsi pot in Aao Saheb’s home

The episode starts with Aao saheb checks arrangements for Tulsi pooja. Moksh tusli box reaches to Aao saheb house. Aahir gets shocked seeing the empty shop. Aahir thinks to escape from the city without money and feels happy thinking Moksh will die in tulsi.

Anupriya informs family Aahir shoots Malhar. Aao saheb asks anupriya to perform Pooja for kids safety and Kalyani will take care of Malhar. Anupriya agrees. Pandit comes and they starts Tulsi vivah pooja.  Kalyani sees the tulsi pot nearby and the ladies doing puja there, she folds her hands and prays to tulsi ma asking her to make her meet her Pillu.

Malhar throws everything and some papers and Aahir pic fell from suitcase. Malhar informs to Kalyani. Malhar interrogate person about Ahir fake passport. That person says he got call from Aahir and he will reach his office very soon. Kalyani and Malhar hides in office and Aahir enters office to collect his passport. Malhar caughts him and questions about Moksh.

Pandit asks everyone to pour water to Tulsi MAA. pallavi and others are doing puja and putting water on the plant. Malhar asks Aahir to tell where is his son Aahir refuses and hurts Malhar wound. Kalyani tries to stop him but Ahir throws her and Kalyani leg gets strucked. Ahir leaves place hurting Malhar. Kalyani cries and asks Malhar to wake-up. Malhar asks her to search Moksh. Kalyani says she will get their Pillu. Malhar goes to unconscious state.

Pandit says Tulsi vivah is completed and asks them to complete visaryan process thinking like Tulsi is their daughter. AAO saheb and others takes tulsi plant for Nimarjan. Kalyani follows Ahir.

AAO saheb asks to perform pooja to Tulsi MAA near river before Nimarjan. Anupriya performs pooja. Aahir reaches nimarjan place and gets shocked seeing whole family near river. Kalyani also reaches to same place and searches for Ahir. Kalyani meets Anupriya. Anupriya asks her about Moksh and Malhar.

Malhar gets concious and shouts for Pillu and seeing tulsi patri near him he rans from that place. Kalyani says Malhar got shot and didn’t want to go to hospital without knowing about Moksh. AAO saheb says Aahir can’t escape. Kalyani says they must search Aahir to know about Moksh.