Tujhse Hai Raabta 22nd November 2019 Written Update: Malhar and Kalyani saves Moksh

Kalyani tells them that Malhar condition is critical and Aahir has shot him. Madhav says I will search for Malhar. Aao Saheb says Ahir may hide in this place and we will not leave Aahir. Kalyani says only he knows where is our Pillu. Everyone searches for Ahir. Malhar runs towards nimarjan place and notice box under tulsi plant when someone dropped the box. Malhar reminds clues and Aahir words he kept In Moksh where they can’t find. Noone founds Moksh and AAO saheb says first perform visaryan. Kalyani prays Tulsi maa to make her meet their Moksh. Family members takes Tulsi pot for Visarjan.

Malhar tries to call Kalyani but her phone won’t connect. Madhav finds Malhar and asks him what happened. Malhar calls Kalyani and tells her that Tulsi wali kundi with the sign. Kalyani asks what? But phone got disconnected because if lack of signal. Malhar runs towards Visarjsn place. She can’t hear anything. Anupriya and others immerse that tulsi pot in the water. Kalyani remembers Malhar words and stops Anupriya and others and tries to pull Tulsi pot from rever but she can’t pull it and cries. Family says it’s abashagun. Malhar helps Kalyani and takes tulsu pot from rever.

Everyone gets shocked seeing Pillu inside tulsi box. Malhar takes Moksh from tulsi pot. Kalyani cries seeing him. Malhar says he is not opening his eyes. Everyone tries to wake him up. Malhar breakdowns and Kalyani says nothing will happen to Moksh and asks him to open eyes. Aswari gets tensed. Malhar cries holding Kalyani. Everyone cries seeing the situation of Malhar and Kalyani.

Moksh slowly gets conscious and Kalyani , Malhar hugs him happily. Malhar asks you know what’s today. Kalyani says today is Pillu birthday and says he is becoming big. Kalyani and everyone says Happy birthday to Pillu.

Malhar says forgive me aayi and Baba but i won’t leave Aahir. Madhav says he desrves punishment. Aswari agrees. Kalyani asks Malhar to go to hospital. Madhav asks where is Sarthak. Anupriya says he went to somewhere because of work. Kalyani says she will take Malhar to hospital and asks Anupriya to take Moksh with her. Kalyani asks Pawar to bring vehicle. In vehicle Malhar says he is fine and asks Kalyani to go with Moksh. Vehicle stops abruptly because of tyre puncture. Kalyani stops her friend Neha scooty. Neha informs Kalyani about their campus placement. Kalyani asks Neha scooty to take Malhar to hospital and says she fought with 10 gundas to save Malhar. Malhar makes faces. Kalyani ties Malhar to her with stool and takes him to hospital in scooty.