Tujhse Hai Raabta 23rd January 2021 Written Update: Commissioner provides one day time for Kalyani to surrender Shera

Tujhse Hai Raabta 23rd January 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Sarthak faints than Avni comes inside and asks Anupriya if he is dead. Anupriya says shut up , I just have him medicine and she asks Godavari to check Sarthak. Godavari asks for water. Anupriya wakes him up sprinkling water on his face. Godavari says Bp is low that’s why he fell unconscious, it can be side effect of syrup like Doctor said. Avni says Anupriya may mixed some poison to take revenge on us, it can’t be side effect.

Anupriya says how you’re so sure? How you entered immediately once Sarthak gets fainted, I kept previous syrup glass in Kitchen and gave him fresh syrup, did you mixed poison in that glass. Godavari says I will call police and they will found it. Avni gets scared and stops her saying she just mixed sleeping pill not poison. Godavari says you have to drink that syrup. Anupriya says Kalyani is correct we have to throw you from home for Sarthak safety.

Kalyan prepares the idol. Shera admires her. Shera returns Kalyani ring to her. Kalyani asks how can she take it. Shera says so still you feel that I’m working for money. Kalyani accepts the ring and thanks Shera for whatever he did for Moksh and apologies to him. Shera asks why sorry. Kalyani says she did some mistake.

Godavari says glass is empty. Anupriya sees Avni, Avni says he didn’t do anything. Anupriya asks who might have that syrup, where is Moksh. Moksh and Aaosaheb returns from repair shop, on the way Aaosaheb faints in road. Moksh tries to wakeup her.

Kalyani says I thought you ran away stealing idol so i informed about your truth to commissioner. Shera says no problem, jail is second home to me and I will go to jail after finishing my work at your place. Kalyani says why will you go to jail, its not your mistake and I talked to him again and commissioner will forgive us once we surrender idol thief’s to him, you did so much to me so I won’t let anything happen to you. Shera says even he won’t let anything happen to her.

Aaosaheb wakesup and notices lady checking Bp and asks who’s she. Doctor says you grandson worried for you so he bought me to check you, seems like you had sleeping pill. Aaosaheb asks if he worried for her. Moksh says you’re grandmother of my Aifi so I care for you so hold my hand, let’s go to home together. Aaosaheb smiles. Masked men watches circulated video. Shera sees shadow snd suspects Sarthak.

Rao informs to Kalyani that Commissioner cancelled Malhar pension and kept her in black list and he gave you one day time because of the respect he have for Malhar and you have to surrender Shera Mam. Kalyani says it’s not his mistake. Rao says we don’t know, this is risky time that’s why Pawar sir and other men are around house. Kalyani asks police to leave and she welcomes the guests who came for Vitthal Pooja. Shera calls Sarthak and talks with him like goon saying he gonna kill whole family and none can escape from him. Sarthak fell down from wheel chair.

Anupriya and Shera makes Sarthak sit in chair and asks whats he doing. Shera explains what he did because of his suspicion. Anupriya scolds him saying Sarthak can never do it, how dare you to suspect him. Shera apologies to Sarthak and tells him that he will never get another lady who loves him like Anupriya. Person on wheel chair observes Kalyani house. Kalyani apologies to god for making duplicate idol and asks god to bless her so she can finish remaining work of Malhar.

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