Tujhse Hai Raabta 24th July 2019 Written Update :- Malhar and Kalyani investigate about Atharva’s reality


The episode starts with Atharva appears to become a 5 year old kid, Malhar doesn’t want to believe in this and shouts at Mugdha for coming under Atharva influence. Mugdha says whoever did wrong to her, punishing that person will going to be the happiest thing for me. However, I get him checked through doctor who proved that Atharva is mentally a 5 year old kid now. She says when I went to hospital to meet him, I caught him getting scared of your sent people from police station. That is why I went to court and took special permission that until he became completely fine no one will file any complaint against him neither police will take any action.

Malhar says I can’t believe this at all and Mugdha are you really coming under his influence? Mugdha says mentally he is a kid now so we should be with him and when he will recover, I will be here to give my statement against him. Meanwhile Atharva calls Kalyani his mother and holds her saying “aai”. Malhar asks Atharva to leave his wife and kid but Atharva keeps on nagging. Mugdha asks the family members to take care of Atharva while Pallavi defends Atharva about him not faking his mental stability disbalance. Atharva goes to Kalyani and again address her as mother.

Malhar smiles and asks Atharva of he wants to have ice cream or not? Atharva agrees and asks if he will beat him? Malhar says I won’t do anything to him at this state, I will just took him to eat chocolate. Kalyani gets angry on Malhar for making her scapegoat but Malhar asks her to keep quiet.

Later Kalyani asks Atharva to close his eyes for playing hide and seek and asks him to count up to 20. Atharva says he can count to 10 only. Kalyani says Atharva is 5 years old but can count only 10, when I was 5, I can count up to 100. Atharva asks her not to be mother India, and focus on her work. She asks Atharva to close his eyes to start the show. He closes his eyes and start to count when Malhar made a circle of kerosene around him and then burns it with an arrow.

Atharva didn’t panic after opening his eyes, seeing the fire around him and starts to play with it. He attempts to come out of the circle and his leg got burned. Pallavi and mataji both appears there and scolded Malhar and Kalyani. Pallavi takes Atharva to room and applied ointment on his burn and also asks him if he remembers her? They gave Atharva chocolate. Sampada comes to Atharva and asks him about reality but he starts to shout and behave as if he is scared of this bad aunty. Anupriya and Sarthak watches the whole thing from outside and wonder if Atharv has become like this for real?

Anupriya discuss that she kept a puja for Kalyani as post marriage it was her first savan and now she is getting tensed. Sarthak asks her to be assured as Kalyani and Malhar marriage is not so weak to get affected.

Later, Anupriya tells Kalyani about the rituals of puja and tells her the directions and gives her instruction. Kalyani says she will definitely keep the fast for Malhar.

Precap : Malhar tries to hypnotise Atharva but Kalyani gets the victim of it.

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