Tujhse Hai Raabta 25th January 2021 Written Update: Shera and Anupriya trap the main leader

Tujhse Hai Raabta 25th January 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Aaosaheb says because of this Vitthal idol power I got chance to talk with your dad but some people want to give it to Government. Godavari says it’s nation heritage. Aaosaheb says Vivek wants to met her but Godavari denies to meet her Dad and leaves. Kalyani tells to Aaosaheb that she will make Godavari to agree to meet Vivek. Masked men covers house from every side. Shera asks Tony to take care of Moksh. Moksh stop Shera and asks nothing will happen to you and Aifi right. Shera says you care for me. Moksh agrees and hugs him. Tony thinks Shera is changed.

Some men came inside and notices Vitthal idol. Kalyani makes that men fell and Shera checks his body but he turns to be normal devotee. That time Robbers men enters inside and notices the idol and informs to their head that Idol is same. Person on wheel chair says so that video is true. Kalyani thinks those people will enter with full plan and I wish I can know their plan to face them and she thinks to send Aaosaheb from that place but Aaosaheb denies. Godavari offers to help Kalyani. Kalyani makes Godavari understand and makes her agrees to to meet Vivek. Aaosaheb hears their convo.

Anupriya notices Sarthak is missing from room and she searches for him and informs to Shera that Sarthak is missing. Shera says I doubted him last day itself seems like he ran away. Anupriya says I trust Sarthak, he can never do this kind of work. Shera smiles saying Moksh kept correct name for you Meena Kumari, don’t take tension Moksh and Sarthak are with my Men in safe place. Anupriya thanks him. Shera says thank me after catching those thief’s.

At evening Aaosaheb performs Aarti and everyone stands with Aarti thali. Kalyani thinks what if those men won’t come here. Person on wheel chair offs the power of house. Everyone gets worried. Anupriya says how power goes off, seems like they gone to inside. Shera about to go inside but he gets shock because of the wires around house. Anupriya says how can they enter. Devotees says other houses power is on , seems like someone did it intentionally. Person on wheel chair enters saying don’t move otherwise you will be dead, if you won’t believe me than remove cloth from Aaarti thali. Everyone removes cloth and gets shocked seeing Bombs in their plates than he throws foaming gas. Anupriya tells Shera about back side eat and they tries to move in that way but Masked men caughts them.

Kalyani thinks it’s shawl of Mama ji and she throws something to stop his wheel chair. He warns her to kill them. Kalyani apologies to him and promises that she won’t do anything. Than person on wheel chair takes Vitthal idol and slowly leaves from that place in wheel chair and than he stand normally and goes out cutting the wires but gets shocked hearing Bomb sound under his feet. Shera says even we Knows to keep bombs, if you move than bomb will explode.

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