Tujhse Hai Raabta 26th July 2019 Written Update:-Malhar to take sit besides Kalyani in disguise

Goons to store RDX at Atharva’s house without his knowledge

The episode begins with Kalyani is behaving oddly with Sampada. While Sampada feels odd and Malhar asks Kalyani to behave properly. Kalyani who is now become Atharva asks Malhar to romance with his own wife and leave him with Sampada. Malhar asks Aaisaheb that as Kalyani is hungry in the morning and that is why she behaving weird. He will take care of it and tells Anupriya he will explain the matter to her.

On the other side, those goons have arrived at Deshmukh house and fake a story of building a new floor in the house for keeping their RDX. Aao Saheb comes under their words and says if it was Rao saheb’s last wish we will do it. She asks them to start their work while Atul gives them key for keeping the stuff and materials. They smile and think Mugdha must have kept Malhar busy and engaged meanwhile we have to do our work.

Here Anurpiya gets shocked to listen to the whole fiasco while Malhar tells her that Sarthak has gone to bring a psychiatrist who knows how to bring someone back from the hypnotized state. Whereas, Kalyani asks Malhar to leave her and let her go somewhere. She asks Anupriya to play kabaddi with her. She tells you and Malhar will be in one team and I will be in another team and she starts to play and gets up on the bed and jumps and then goes out of the room. Kalyani stumbles with the goons and took his cigar out of his mouth and keeps it in her mouth. That goon feels shocked to see her behaving like that and went from there. Kalyani lights a match stick and throws it away and it falls near RDX bag and the thread caught fire. Malhar comes there and takes away Kalyani from there in the name of giving them a cigarette. That goon then came back and sees the flame somehow stops the fire.

Here in the room, Kalyani keeps on throwing tantrums in the name of cigarette and some other things. She even mocked Sarthak and Anupriya and pulls some ugly joke on them. When Malhar finally tackles her by treating her as Atharva and says Mugdha is with him and if he doesn’t do as per his say, he will take Mugdha’s statement and locks him in jail. Kalyani agrees to get ready in saree and went to change whereas Malhar assures Anupriya about everything will happen properly.

Later Sarthak brings Anupriya to her room where she sees Malhar is a women’s look and gets shocked. Malhar says for the well being of occasion and safety of Kalyani he will sit with Kalyani in the puja. He tells her that he also keeps fast for his wife Kalyani so he sitting in pooja won’t do anything wrong. Anupriya gets overwhelmed and says every mom should get a son-in-law like you for her daughter. Here, Mughda enters the room and the goon asks her to keep Malhar busy and engaged or else the entire family of Malhar and her company workers will die. Mugdha asks Pallavi if she sees Malhar anywhere but she denies and goes behind Atharva to make him drink a glass of milk.

Here Atul enters the room and gets shocked to see Anupriya and Sarthak inside. He badmouths them when Anupriya asks him to shut up. He notices a woman under a veil and asks about her. Anupriya made up a story on behalf of Malhar and Sarthak also gives a relatable reason for him being in that room. Atul gets suspicious and went near to that lady while Anupriya, Sarthak, and Malhar get in tension.

Precap: Kalyani enters storeroom and sees those goons and asks them what is packed in those bags? One of the goons keeps his gun on active mode.