Tujhse Hai Raabta 27th January 2021 Written Update: Shera plans to surrender himself to commisioner to save Kalyani reputation

Tujhse Hai Raabta 27th January 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Shera says I will live seeing Kalyani photos and she changed me completely so let’s go and surrender to police. Tony gets shocked and asks what. Shera says Kalyani will gets blamed so to clear her name I will tell to commissioner that it’s my plan to enter in police station as Malhar. Tony asks him to think with Mind not with heart. Shera says love is magic that happened on me. Tony cries and hugs him. Shera goes to police station.

Next day Moksh wakesup Kalyani. Kalyani about to goes to get oil for Diya but Moksh stops her and asks why she is litting Diya and why she make him sleep with Godavari aunt, are you fine? Kalyani says I’m fine, I’m litting this Diya with hope. Moksh asks what she mean. Kalyani thinks my heart knows Malhar is alive but I don’t want to create hope in you because you will be happy when you see your dad. Kalyani tells him that Diya makes her happy. Moksh asks him about Shera. Kalyani says don’t know. Moksh says I like Shera and he is like Dad but difference is Shera do more Masti and he goes to search Shera. Kalyani thinks how to make Moksh understand that Shera can’t live with us for long time.

Anupriya makes Sarthak do exercise with his hand and she thinks who can keep that much money. Sarthak signs her to see her saree is strucked but she didn’t understand and about to go to get him food than she fell down. Sarthak says Anupriya. Anupriya feels happy and asks him to try again. Sarthak says Anupriya again. Anupriya thanks god and about to hug him in happiness but she restricts herself. That time Godavari informs to Anupriya about the money in her cupboard. Anupriya says even someone kept money in my cupboard. Godavari feels happy seeing Sarthak is trying to talk and she happily goes to inform this to Kalyani. Anupriya asks Godavari to inform Kalyani about money too.

Moksh didn’t get Shera anywhere than he asks some boy to play him. He denies saying my dad will die if I play with you. Avni tells him that noone will play with him. Moksh sats he have Shera. Avni says he ran away. Moksh says you’re lying and than he goes to Shera room and notices his things are missing from room. Avni says Shera left you like your Dad and very soon your Aifi will leave you. Moksh in tears says you’re lying, Aifi and Shera won’t leave me. Avni says I have one plan that will make you meet your Dad. Avni takes Moksh with her. Shera cries thinking everything.

Godavari tries to Kalyani about Sarthak but Kalyani says don’t try to change my opinion because I know Malhar is alive and she pours oil in Diya. Avni takes Moksh to top floor and asks him to jump from building to meet his Dad. Kalyani says I have make Moksh understand that Shera can’t stay with us for long time, already Shera did so much to us. Godavari tells to Kalyani that how Sarthak uncle took Maayi name.

Kalyani feels happy and says it’s magic of bappa. Godavari says their is another magic someone kept money in my and Anupriya cupboard, don’t know who kept that much money. Kalyani says Shera. Godavari says Shera is not at home. Kalyani asks her to check one more time saying Shera won’t leave without informing them and she asks Godavari to search again and she calls Shera and he won’t attend the call and he switches off his mobile.

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