Tujhse Hai Raabta 27th July 2021 Written Update: Shilpi Kills Akshay

Tujhse Hai Raabta 27th July 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode begins with Kalyani telling shilpi that she doesn’t even notice the time has passed while talking to her. Shilpi agrees and says that she also didn’t notice the time. She says that the last time she spoke to her parents was when she went to join the police academy. Kalyani asks her whether she wanted to join the police academy to which she agrees and says that on the way she got into an accident. She wanted to protect people but she is not even able to protect herself.

Kalyani says that she can protect herself even now and teaches her self defense. She shows her how to shoot by hearing the sound of the direction. Malhar comes there and says that they has made his room a training center. Shilpi leaves from there after saying that Kalyani is teaching her self defense. Malhar sees that the gun is missing. Shilpi removes the gun from her bag. Akshay comes there. Malhar, Kalyani and everyone in the family start searching for the gun.

They go downstairs where Anupriya says that shilpi is missing from her room. Ajinkya comes there and says that he knows where she can be. He tells them as to how she said that she will shoot Akshay as she didn’t forget the pain he has given her. They see that kalyani is no where to be seen. They understand that she went to Akshay’s house and goes there.

Akshay tries to get closer to shilpi and places kisses on her cheeks. Shilpi feels disgusted with the closeness. He mixes drink for himself. Shilpi asks him as to how did he manage to bail Indhu. He says that he has threatened the lawyer and got her out. On the other side Kalyani is running on the road thinking to save her mother as she is scared that media will say that Anupriya has trained her NGO girl to kill Akshay. Shilpi records everything that Akshay says. She calls Kalyani and says that she knows thar she came to know that she is here to kill Akshay but she won’t back out.

Shilpi points gun at Akshay who slaps her. Shilpi hearing the direction of his voice shoots him. Kalyani comes there ahd snatches the gun. She puts blame on herself when Malhar and the family comes there. Media says that they have heard her confession. Indhu chokes Kalyani and says that she wobt spare her for killing her son. Kalyani gets arrested.

In the prison Panwar apologises for arresting her. Kalyani says that she is happy that he is keeping his duty over family. Malhar has tears in his eyes. Kalyani asks him not to cry. She tries to divert him by asking as to what he wants to name their child. Malhar after her request of wanting to spend the remaining time with him and the child says Rani. He says he wants daughter from her when Kalyani asks him as to how can he be soo sure that it will be a daughter. Kalyani gets emotional. The Screen Freezes On Kalyani and Malhar.

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