Tujhse Hai Raabta 28th January 2020 Written Update: Sampada warns Kalyani to stay away from Malhar

Episode starts with Kalyani is in the grass hut in the outhouse, when someone knocks on the door. She asks who is here and thinks if Ranchit came to know her hiding place. Kalyani takes stick in her hand asks who are outside but knocks suddenly stops and current is off. Kalyani notices someone entering from window side with lamp and says Ranchit don’t try to be act smart I will beat you. When she about to beat Malhar holds the stick and she gets surprised seeing me. Kakyani tries to leave but Malhar says you love your new husband so much that you’re waiting for him with weapon. Kalyani asks him to leave. Malhar says I can easily sense seeing your eyes that you’re hiding something from me Nd tell me, don’t get scared Ranchit will come here because I already did something to stop him.

Malhar thinks glad I heard Sampada informing Kalyani hiding spot to Ranchit and asks him to come from bar and Malhar asks Pawar to arrest Ranchit in Drink and drive case. Malhar says now Ranchit in jail. Kalyani asks what did he do. Malhar says drink and drive is Wrong thing so he deserves punishment and he tries to close with her but she throws him and moves away and says tonight Ranchit and I planned to stay here but you spoiled everything.

Malhar says ho that’s why you’re crying! Why can’t you speak truth. Kalyani says it’s truth and I want to wipe everything related you from my life even your touch and she pours water on herself. Malhar gets angry and asks how can you sperate our souls. Kalyani says I can do it. Malhar asks her to show. Kalyani leaves from outhouse and Malhar breaks things.

Sampada searches Malhar and she notices Kalyani comesout in wet clothes than she hears Malhar frustration. Anupriya gets baffled seeing Sarthak with another girl. Seeing Anupriya Sarthak throws that girl and tries to explain Anupriya that’s it’s not true and when that girl tries to create scene ,he sends her out giving the money.

Malhar promises Moksh saying I will bring your mom and makes him sleep. Sampada asks Malhar to give Moksh. Malhar asks did Moksh have his food. Sampada says now I will feed him.  Malhar says why I feel Moksh is sleeping more time these days. Sampada says it’s common in this season and takes Moksh from Malhar.

Sarthak says believe me Anupriya ji, I don’t know anything about this girl. That girl says he is lying so first check his messages than you will know the truth and leaves. Anupriya asks Sarthak to don’t touch her and blames herself for trusting me and asks why did you hided your first marriage and kid truth from me. Sarthak says I didn’t get married to anyone and I married only once and my wife is only you. Anupriya asks than who’s Ritvi. Sarthak says she is not my daughter. Ritvi hears his confession and Sarthak and Anupriya notice her. Ritvi runs outside in tears. Sarthak follows her.

Sampada goes to Kalyani and questions won’t you have any shame to spend time with Malhar when he is belongs to me. Kalyani gets angry and throws her down. Kalyani says it won’t look good if you talk about others character, hope you got what I mean. Sampada says you won’t listen to me and calls Ranchit and asks her to talk. Ranchit says Malhar booked me in a case but I come out for you but why you’re spending time with Malhar in outhouse, why? I love you like paagal but you forced me to do it, check your phone I sent you something. Kalyani notices Moksh pic.