Tujhse Hai Raabta 28th November 2020 Written Update: Malhar tortures Kalyani

Tujhse Hai Raabta 28th November 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Malhar writes kuni on rice plate but Mukku falls on plate with her excitement and it changes. Avni reads it Gini. Mukku says yes my Aifi is multitalented unlike you. Malhar sees mole behind Mukku ears and says he saw the same mole behind the boy ear who killed Ahir. Kalyani gets tensed and says that’s boy and Mukku is girl.

Anupriya shows her mole in ear and says that this is common in their family. Malhar says they are overthinking and leaves to room saying I know Mukku is girl and that’s boy.

Mukku says I’m about to loose game and if I lost it than police will take me away right. Kalyani asks how many days they have to act Aayi. Anupriya says until they get solution and asks Kalyani to check what Malhar us thinking.

Kalyani goes to Malhar with Poha. Malhar says how can you feel my hunger without even a word. Kalyani thinks it’s real but Malhar throws poha and says you’re wrong, I have work for you and and he asks Kalyani to get suitcase. Kalyani takes suitcase and clothes fell down from it. Kalyani says she will iron the clothes in the evening. Malhar warns her to iron it now and reads how Vivek used to make Swara reiron the clothes and says her Mayi is culprit for Swara death and sane things will happened to you like Swara.

Kalyani says you know Aayi from years, she can never do it. Malhar denies to listen her. Kalyani says she have urgent meeting. Malhar says he will handover diary to police and get her Aayi arrested with this proof if you denied to do my work. Kalyani agrees to iron the work. Malhar throws remaining clothes from bag and asks her to iron them.

Sarthak ask worker to decorate home for their daughters birthday. Anupriya asks Sarthak to call Mukku’s old friends. Sarthak denies saying he will never invite Awara kids to her daughter birthday and says he knows how to raise her daughter and I may left from here with my daughter but I’m staying here to see your and Your daughters pain.

Kalyani irons clothes but lights goes off. Malhar says I’m the one who turned of the lights and he asks her to iron with coal iron box, which is very heavy, still she do it. Anupriya offers to help her but Kalyani says she do it and asks her about Mukku. Anupriya says Sarthak is inviting so many members to birthday party what if someone recognizes Mukku because that crane news is circulated in whole city.

Kalyani shows the jeans and top and asks Anupriya to make her wear these clothes to make Mukku happy on her birthday. Mukku sees the dress and hugs her happily than asks how she is ironing with coal iron box and she offers to call her basti men to iron them. Kalyani says she will do her own work. Mukku agrees and get ready.

Mukku sends decoraters saying she will decorate it. Sarthak asks why she is working than she says she wants to work than Sarthak helps her and he feels tired after sometime. Anupriya gives him water. Sarthak drink them angrily. Mukku thinks Aifi might be tired.

Kalyani calls Pawar and asks him to make sure that Malhar is having food. Than she gets call from Ankur and Kalyani sats she didn’t get mail because of electricity problem and she asks him to send the mail again.

Mukku asks her to come with her but Kalyani denies than Mukku runs with her tab. Kalyani follows her and Mukku makes her sleep on warm compresser for her back ache. Kalyani feels touched with Mukku love. Mukku goes out. Kalyani asks her to stay away from coal box. Avni listens Everything.

Mukku sees Avni coming from Kalyani room and asks why she went inside. Avni says your Aifi is doing so much work with coal ironing. Mukku says she will help her Aifi by ironing the remaining clothes because I know how Ahmed Cha-cha used to iron clothes and she goes inside and applies water but she thinks why this water is sticky.

Avni smiles seeing Oil bottle and thinks how she mixed oil and if you take the iron box with oily hands than it will fall on your legs and you will get hurt. Mukku tries to hold iron box and shouts saying Aifi.

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