Tujhse Hai Raabta 28th September 2020 Written Update: Family blames Kalyani for Godavari disappearance

Tujhse Hai Raabta 28th September 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Kalyani notices Godavari escaped from room through window with help of saree and calls Godavari but she didn’t answer than Kalyani reads Godavari letter and shows it to Aaosaheb. Aaosaheb shouts Godavari ran away from house. Vivek reads letter saying she is going from home because she is not interested to marry Vikram.

Pallavi cries saying how to answer Damini family and she didn’t even think about us before running from home. Vivek says her phone is not reachable. Aaosaheb says Godavari ruined my reputation, I wish to die. Kalyani assures to find Godavari. Pallavi tries to beat Kalyani saying it’s all happened because of her and asks her to tell where Godavari. Anupriya stops her saying how can Kalyani know it. Kalyani says she will find Godavari but asks her to not blame her.

Avni thinks about Malhar words regarding Kalyani. Than she notices Kalyani call to Malhar. Kalyani calls Malhar but Vivek stops her saying why you’re calling him, Pallavi is right you’re responsible for it. Pallavi supports him. Anupriya says what will Kalyani get in it. Aaosaheb says Kalyani is against this marriage so maybe Kalyani filled negative thoughts in Godavari.

Kalyani says you can think whatever but I will Godavari through her Friends and I will search her law college documents to know her friends. Aaosaheb asks Anupriya to stop Kalyani before she gots to know you finished the law degree in place of Godavari.

Swara says to Kalyani that she didn’t get anything. Kalyani asks whether she knows her law college friends. Swara looks on and everyone gets tensed. Anupriya says Godavari don’t have friends. Aaosaheb asks Kalyani to tell them Godavari location. Kalyani says she didn’t do anything and asks Pallavi for Godavari personal diary.

Pallavi says she don’t know than Kalyani checks herself and founds the diary , she says college and schools friends number are available but their is no number from her law college. Vikram takes diary and asks Kalyani to tell them where she make their Godavari run. Anupriya says don’t put these kind of allegations without proofs. Aaosaheb angrily sees towards her and than asks Kalyani for Godavari. Kalyani says she will be back to home after founding Godavari.

Kalyani sees Vikram and asks what’s he doing. Vikram says he searched Everywhere but Godavari is not found. Aaosaheb says how will he know. Pallavi says she informed him. Vikram says Kalyani might be hided her because she is no where and asks her to answer him. Vikram says you can’t leave until you answer me.

Kalyani says you can’t stop me. Vikram about to stop her holding her hand but Malhar stops him and beats him. Vikram aims gun at Malhar. Malhar handles him and aims same gun towards Vikram and he gets shocked. Vivek asks Malhar to leave his son in law. Vikram tries to take gun but Malhar throws him and warns Vikram men to stay away. Aaosaheb asks Malhar to stay away from her family.

Vikram says I will reveal their truth thats Malhar is having affair with Kalyani even though he is married. Malhar shouts saying Kalyani is his wife. Kalyani corrects him saying ex wife. Vikram gets shocked and asks what’s happening. Malhar asks Kalyani to sit in Jeep.

Kalyani sees Godavari in Malhar jeep and shouts saying Godavari is here. They sees Godavari in tied to jeep. Aaosaheb and others says Malhar did it to ruin their reputation. Malhar says I attended second call of Kalyani and heard what’s happening here and my men found her when she is trying to run and I have CCTV footage to prove it.

Vikram says I can’t marry this kind of girl. Pallavi explain him that God’s Ari changed because of Kalyani words and begs Vikram to don’t break this Alliance. Malhar says search better match, why to beg him. Aaosaheb asks him to leave. Kalyani says don’t forget that we got to know about Godavari because of Malhar. Malhar leaves than Vikram warns him saying he will take revenge on him.

Vikram asks did you ran because of Kalyani and Malhar right. Kalyani asks him to stay away from their family Matter. Aaosaheb assures him that she will set Everything. Vikram says Aayi informed everyone about our alliance so keep Godavari away from Malhar and Kalyani. Kalyani thinks to expose Vikram Infront of everyone.

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