Tujhse Hai Raabta 29th January 2021 Written Update: An unknown person tries to harm Shera

Tujhse Hai Raabta 29th January 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Godavari calls Kalyani shouting she got call for interview. Avni says congratulations but no-one is free to join your celebration except me, Kalyani is busy with Shera and Anupriya with my husband. Anupriya says shut up , don’t say anything against Kalyani. Godavari says Aaosaheb did you saw Avni wickedness whom you’re supporting against Kalyani and Maayi, because of Kalyani today I went to met Dad. Avni says Aaosaheb knows whom to support. Godavari says shut up Avni and she leaves after mocking Aaosaheb for not understanding Kalyani and Anupriya care on her. Anupriya goes behind Godavari.
Avni tries to talk with Aaosaheb but she stop her.

Moksh asks local boys to join him in their game. They denies saying he don’t have dad and makes fun of him. Shera comes to them with bat and asks Moksh to play in their place. Local boys asks Shera if they can join them. Shera agrees and their cricket match get started. Shera is cleanbowled but he denies to accept it. Moksh gets angry and shouts saying he is out. Kalyani feels happy. Shera gives bating to Moksh. Moksh got out after sometime than they stops the match and get relaxed. Kalyani gives them ice cream to celebrate the moment. Avni happily eats her ice-cream while seeing Moksh. Moksh can’t speak after eating ice cream. Kalyani makes him drunk water. Avni says he won’t get voice but Moksh get his voice. Avni losts her voice and asks for water. Shera says I warned you stay away from Moksh but you mixed something in Moksh ice-cream that’s why I changed them and you had that medicine wala one. Avni goes inside frustratedly. Shera says let’s do party because Moksh got his voice.

Moksh happily goes inside and informs Anupriya and Godavari about Party. Anupriya asks Godavari why she looks sad. Godavari says she is just tired. Anupriya goes to get her something than Godavari gets tensed seeing unknown call to her mobile.

Shera talks with Tony on call he senses some smell but ignores it and tries to lit the stove. Kalyani senses Gas smell and stops Shera on time and turns off the stove. Anupriya asks her what happened. Kalyani says seems like Avni leaked the gas. Anupriya says it can’t be Avni because she with Aaosaheb. Kalyani asks than who will do this kind of work. Shera says maybe it happened by mistake, problem is over right, let’s enjoy the party time and he takes Moksh with him to garden and they plays some Game, at that time they hears noise and runs to check, at this time someone changes chewing Gum bottle.

Moksh asks Shera to catch chewing gum but he misses it seeing Kalyanii. Moksh smiles. Aaosaheb calls Doctor and explains him about Avni condition asks him to tell what they need to do. Shera and Moksh smiles than Shera calls Tony and asks if work is done. Tony threatens doctor and makes him tell Aaosaheb what they wanted than he informs Shera that work is done. Shera thinks Avni is with Aaosaheb than who leaked the gas.

Kalyani says I’m worried for Shera life Aayi, I want Malhar ji to return quickly so Shera can leave from here. Shera listens her words than he goes to kitchen to prepare cake for Moksh seeing YouTube video. Kalyani senses burning smell. Anupriya stops her and she goes to kitchen and notices cake is slightly burnt. Anupriya says don’t worry, I will do icing so it will cover up so smile because you’re the one who can make Kalyani happy.

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