Tujhse Hai Raabta 2nd August 2019 Written Update:- Malhar’s name is spoiled from Kalyani’s mehendi

The episode begins Kalyani introduces herself to Ketki as her black coffee’s wife Kalyani. Malhar looks at her surprisingly and she says that while cleaning the cupboard she gets the scrapbook of Malhar and reads their nickname there. She asks Ketki how she meet Malhar and comes in the city. Ketki says that she lives in Mumbai and comes here to meet her husband but she gets to know that her husband is gone out of the city for some days.

Malhar gets shocked to see her lying about her husband but keeps mum. Kalyani handles Ketki when she feels dizzy and in this process her mehendi gets spoiled. Anupriya, Sarthak and Atul notices this and tells Kalyani the same and Ketki asks for sorry while Kalyani says it is ok, I will re apply. Malhar gets happy to see Kalyani being so liberal and chilled with his friend. She arranges the guest room for Ketki and is talking to her. She asks her to tell all the secrets of Malhar to her when Malhar comes there and Kalyani says take the name of the devil and the devil is here. Malhar says devil? Kalyani says what devil I am not saying anything and leaves and Malhar smiles.

Ketki closes the door while Anupriya notices this and feels odd about her. She calls Kalyani in private and enquires about Ketki, Kalyani shares they are sucb besties from college and Anupriya says she being a married woman is locking door with Malhar being in the room. Kalyani gives a dramatic reply to Anupriya like typical TV shows and says not to overthink as she can have some important and private topic to discuss with her friend Malhar. Here Malhar asks Ketki why she lied to family. Ketki says it is a good ambience in your house and I don’t want to make it worse with my story. Malhar gets it while someone is keeping an eye on them through the window. Kalyani brings some night suit for Ketki and Ketki says if this doesn’t fit me.then I will use Malhar dress because I used to use them.in our college time. Kalyani happily agrees and says I will bring his clothes then. Ketki tells Malhar someone in the house is also in touch with those militants.

Here Kalyani is talking to Moksh while Malhar comes and says Kalyani that he will dance with her. Malhar and Kalyani shares some romantic moments while a song plays in the background. After some time, Kalyani gets back in sense when Malhar asks her if she is ok? Kalyani thinks it was stupid of her to imagine all this. They are talking when Malhar is about to tell Kalyani about Ketki, they hear a scream of Ketki in the house and gets scared. They reached there and see Atharva is sleeping in a bathtub and Ketki gets scared seeing him.

Malhar asks Atharva to get up while Kalyani asks him to calm down. She takes Malhar out from the tub while she explains to Ketki about Atharva and takes Atharva from there. Ketki tells Malhar that she feels some unusual things in her room and Malhar gets curious.

Precap – Malhar gets doubt on Atul and he feels bad for Kalyani as she will not be able to digest this.