Tujhse Hai Raabta 2nd December 2019 written update: Kalyani and anupriya starts their professional life with challenges

Episode begins with Kalyani is asking Malhar that she has her first day at work today so is she allowed to go out of the house now? Malhar is opening his slingback and he looks at Kalyani 1 and says yes. Anupriya received a text message from sarthak wishing her best of luck for her first day at the office. she gets happy and is about to type the reply message when she receives another message from him. She reads his message and gets upset and didn’t even send her own reply as well.

Kalyani comes to her and says that she needs to make it soon because they have the first day at the office today and she doesn’t want to get late. Kalyani finds two movie tickets from the shirt pocket of Malhar and gets angry on him. She tries to get angry on Malhar and talks to Atharva while making him listen. Kalyani says to Malhar you never took us but you went alone living all of us. Malhar says you are free to think the way you want to but I went to movie hall because I have some work there. Kalyani left the room after feeding Atharva and Moksh. Malhar noticed that someone inserted a chip card inside the teddy bear of Moksh. Maihar ask Pawar to be conscious and open his eyes 24/7. Malhar realised that someone from the family is doing these things.

Kalyani is going to inform about her job to her elders. SB comes there and says to Kalyani then she shouldn’t tell him right now as it is not the right place. They will consider to reach the office on time at least on the first day. Kalyani and Anupriya are in office, where is Anupriya forgot her identity, finally she is going to a life which she always dreamt about. Kalyani enter the office premises after scanning his ID card. Anupriya tries to bring out but seems like she already has feelings for process to. In the office the existing employees tries to bully and their her down by saying bad words for Anupriya. Kalyani and Anupriya goes door to door for selling their detergent powder. Somehow all of the people are shutting their doors in front of Kalyani and Anupriya. Kalyani says that this is such a rude behaviour to be honest. if no one bites the product we are sailing then how will I showed up in the office today?

Most of the aunties are not interested in them to buy at least one detergent powder which is actually coming in a cheap rate as well. however the aunties and the house old wife are not ready to buy anything from Kalyani and she gets tired after a point and sits with Anupriya. Pawar informed Malhar that Kalyani going outside. Hence Malhar comes at the spot in disguise. He is keeping an eye on Kalyani without any fail when he noticed a car stopped by their event red carpet. Kalyani Anupriya and Malhar gets shocked to see the person in the car. (Episode Ends)