Tujhse Hai Raabta 2nd February 2021 Written Update: Sarthak gets trapped in Kalyani and Shera plan

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The episode starts with Anupriya thanks Shera for helping Godavari and apologies to h for talking rudely with him. Shera says it’s fine. Anupriya says you’re part of family so don’t ever think to leave Kalyani and Moksh. Shera says he is just an imposter. Anupriya says who told you, you look like Malhar but you have your importance and you became our family. Shera tells Moksh that Arjun called him for a birthday party.

Shera says go with your Aifi because my hand is hurt and he asks Anupriya to go with them. Anupriya says Sarthak will be alone and Aaosaheb and Godavari are at home too. Kalyani says we can come home quickly and we can take Aaosaheb and Godavari to the party. Moksh asks what if Bad person attacks Shera again. Shera says he can manage. Kalyani says Pawar will arrange security and stay away from Avni. Shera says nothing happens to him and asks them to go.

Aaosaheb warns Avni to stay away from Godavari. Avni goes. Aaosaheb promises Godavari that she will protect her from Avni. Godavari says protect Kalyani and Anupriya too because they always supported us in tough times. Aaosaheb looks on.

At night masked men follow Shera in the house, Shera gets Tony call and he informs Tony that something is wrong in house because I feel someone is following me that time power goes off. Shera goes to check Sarthak and notices he is sleeping in bed and follows the shadow. Masked men make Shera fell down using a swing and then he tries to burn Shera throwing petrol. Shera Suddenly getup with gun and asks him to show his face.

Lights are back and it’s revealed as Sarthak. Kalyani and everyone gets shocked seeing him. Kalyani says it’s our plan to reveal your truth, you’re completely fine still why you’re acting like paralysed and why you tried to kill Shera. Anupriya says you’re fine so it means you’re acting till now, what’s your enmity with Shera. Kalyani asks him to answer.

Sarthak tells them that he wants to take revenge on Shera. Kalyani says Avni is lier, don’t believe her.l, I already showed proofs against her. Sarthak says the truth is what happened in Makar Sankranthi this Shera threatened Me on that day and forced me to write that letter to release Anupriya from jail, he may be done it for you Kalyani. Shera says he didn’t do anything. Kalyani says Shera Is innocent and why will Shera do it to release Aayi. Sarthak says it’s both of your plans.

Shera says he left wrong works long back. Sarthak says I saw your eyes that day and can forget them and he raises his hand but Shera stops him saying never thought about it. Anupriya tells to Sarthak that he is mistaken. Kalyani says Shera is with me on that day because this Avni. Sarthak says don’t blame others and he blames Kalyani and tells that he gonna end her taking out knife. Shera comes in-between them and asks him to harm him. Sarthak about to harm him but Anupriya stops him but he won’t listen than tells everyone that he will Make Shera rot in jail.

Kalyani says Moksh needs Shera, you cant jail him because he is innocent. Sarthak says first think about yourself and I want your Aayi to become servant and your Mom don’t have status to become my wife, she is just servant. Kalyani stops him and tells Anupriya to not take his words seriously. Aaosaheb questions how can he blame Anupriya who took good care of him. Sarthak says she got money for it she deserves to be servant. Kalyani says I will prove what my Aayi deserves and I will prove one truth to you.

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