Tujhse Hai Raabta 2nd January 2020 Written Update: AAHIR WANTS KALYANI TO MARRY RAJAT


The episode starts with Kalyani telling Madhuri that she isn’t going anywhere leaving her family. She says that when she thought that when Madhuri left her and also her father was in jail, this family supported her and gave her love even though there were some issues between her and Anupriya at first but that’s the past now. She also adds that even her marriage with Malhar didn’t happen like they wanted but now she can proudly say that she couldn’t get a better husband than Malhar. She says that now she has grown up and it was Anupriya who has grown her up. She says that the one who take care is more important than the one who gave birth. She tells Madhuri how she used to misbehave with Anupriya who can even give her life for her and declares that she can’t leave her Aayi.

Anupriya looks at Kalyani smiling emotionally. Kalyani says that she cant also leave Billu and Malhar. Madhuri says that she doesn’t want her to leave Billu and Malhar but she must leave this family because she doesn’t want her life to be in danger. Kalyani tries to make her understand that nobody needs to leave since everybody will also accept her so Madhuri accepts to stay even though she doesn’t feel that she will be really accepted. Kalyani and Anupriya hug each other when Madhuri goes away.

Later Anupriya goes to meet Madhuri who asks her if she has come to see how she is feeling after losing against her. Anupriya replies that the matter was about Kalyani’s life so there was nothing about winning or losing. Madhuri says that she saw how she was doing drama near the bomb and tells Anupriya that she can’t do such a stupidity. Anupriya says that it is better to be stupid rather than being greedy and tells her that she saw how she was going away from Kalyani because she was scared of the bomb. Madhuri shouts at her asking if she thinks that she doesn’t love her own daughter putting hands on her shoulder. Anupriya looks at the hands and Madhuri takes them back. Anupriya says that she meant that she is ready to repeat this kind of stupidity again to save Kalyani. Madhuri tells her that she wasn’t stepping far from the bomb to save herself but to go and call someone for help as any practical person would do. She says that she is Kalyani’s mother, she gave birth to her and Madhuri has no right on Kalyani.

Anupriya asks her why she is scared to lose Kalyani then unlike Anupriya who knows that her relationship with Kalyani is unbreakable. Anupriya warns Madhuri saying that she won’t spare her if she tries coming between her and Kalyani. Madhuri says that she will get Kalyani back at any cost and will get Malhar freed for her. Anupriya glares at Madhuri.
On the other hand Kalyani asks the commissioner if he still doubts that Malhar is a betrayal after he put his life at sake to save the kids instead of running away with her. He promises her that he will find Malhar at any cost and won’t let anything happen to him. Kalyani gets sad thinking about Malhar.

Meanwhile Malhar is tied up in a van which stops as the boss of the goons come. Malhar thinks that is a good opportunity to find out who is their Sarkar. He manages to elope from the van and goes towards the car of the boss which is in front of the van. Aahir tries catching him back but Malhar grabs the steering of the car. Surprisingly the boss manages to go away in his car while a fake hand remains in Malhar’s hands. Aahir catches Malhar again and tells him that it’s time for him to die.

In the night Kalyani gets confused seeing that a laptop has been delivered for her despite she hadn’t ordered any. She opens the box of the laptop and finds a chit asking her to open the laptop. Kalyani does that and everybody gets shocked seeing a live video showing a choking rope.

An evil laughter is heard and Aahir appears in the video. He says that he is going to kill Malhar with this rope and congratulates her since Sarkar gave them the order of killing Malhar. Kalyani bashes him saying that he has become a devil. Aahir says that she is very smart so he is going to give her a possibility to save Malhar if she wants. Kalyani says that she is ready to do anything. Aahir asks her to get married to Rajat.

Kalyani and Rajat look at each other shocked. Kalyani says that she is already married to Malhar so she can’t marry a second time that too marry her best friend Rajat. Aahir asks her to wait and shows that he has caught Madhuri who came to him to beg him to release Malhar. Kalyani asks her why she went there and Madhuri tells her that she couldnt see her in pain so she followed a goon and reached there. Aahir says that Madhuri will convince Kalyani and Malhari to sign the divorce papers. Aahir threatens Kalyani saying that she has to marry Rajat or else Malhar will die.

Episode ends

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