Tujhse Hai Raabta 30th July 2019 Written Update :- KALYANI DISCOVERS A SHOCKING TRUTH

The episode begins with all are celebrating mangala gowri pooja at home. While on the other hand, the terrorists are calling Mugdha and ask her not to come in front of them anymore and also leave the city as soon as possible and not to try tell Malhar or anybody from the family about them or there plan for 15 th August. Kalyani and Malhar are twirling at the floor and Malhar veil gets over. All gets to see him while Aao saheb scolds him for coming there. Kalyani also comes to her senses and she gets shocked to see him like that.

Malhar says that Kalyani kept fast for the first time for me and I don’t want it to get spoiled besides I also kept fast for her and I have to complete it. He asks sorry from all the ladies present there but they instead praises Kalyani Malhar.Kalyani asks Anupriya if she did something odd? Anupriya says yes but don’t worry Malhar is so sorted to get angry on you. The ladies asks Kalyani to recite a poem with Malhar name in it and Kalyani gets excited for it. She recites a poem for Malhar and all clapped while Malhar smiles and left the place. Atharva comes there and drags Kalyani to store room, he complains to her that these people misbehaved with him and pushes him hard. Atharva tries to hit one of the militants but he pushes Atharva and he falls on the bags and stuff. A bag gets opened and an RDX fall from it, they run from there to save themselves while the trigger of the bomb got activated somehow.

Kalyani goes behind them and shouts for Malhar and those militants escaped the house in a truck. They left behind their bag with bomb when Atul spots it and asks them to take it. Kalyani sees the bag in Atul’s hand and shouts to throw it as it has bomb. Malhar listen to it and he also runs from there. He takes the bag from Atul before Kalyani can reach and runs towards the well. Kalyani comes behind him. He throws the bomb in the well and covers Kalyani and jump from there to get save from.the explosion. All the family members comes out of the house and everyone is shocked.

Malhar calls his police force and asks them to take the RDXs and sealed them. He comes back in the hall when Aao saheb blames him for the incident, he says he is not guilty and moreover he can arrest Aao saheb and can take them to the police station for interrogations. Aao saheb asks her not to show power of his uniform. Atul asks aao saheb not to blame Malhar as he is the one who saved his life and he asks for sorry from Malhar. Malhar asks him not to fold hand in front of him and leaves for some official work. Aao Saheb gets upset with differences between Malhar and Atul getting less.

Precap : Malhar interrogates Aao Saheb and Atul about those militants in police station.