Tujhse Hai Raabta 30th June 2021 Written Update: Anupriya slaps Kalyani for Mihika

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The episode begins with Kalyani pleading Anupriya to open her eyes and saying that how much others are worried for her. Mihika comes there with a juice glass and gives it to them. Kalyani drags mihika outside with her by twisting her hand behind her angrily. Kalyani asks her as to why she is doing this and what is her plan. Mihika pretends like her mother and asks her as to why she is behaving like this with her and whether she has taught her to behave like this with elders. Kalyani gets confused with her this act and asks her to tell her the plan. Mihika smirks and says what she wanted has happened, she has finally become her mother and took Anupriya’s place. She tells her that now she has no way to prove that she is not Anupriya.

Mihika tells her that now she has to accept this to which Kalyani slaps her and tells her that she is not even equal to her mother’s feet dust. Mihika in anger drags gungun to which Kalyani twists her hand in anger and asks her to stay away from her sister and if not she won’t spare her. Anupriya comes there and asks them as to what is happening. Kalyani looks at her happily seeing he fine. Anupriya comes to kalyani and slaps her shocking everyone. She asks as to why she is hurting her daughter Kalyani and shouts at others for staying silent. Anupriya holds her head but mihika holds her and takes her into her room with a smirk after asking others to stay.

Kalyani tells doctor about Anupriya’s condition who tells her that such things is normal to happen. She asks them to take care of the patient and gives her tablets to give to Anupriya.

Mihika tells Aparna that Anupriya thinks of her as Kalyani. Aparna tells her that both Mother and Daughter are smart and can easily fool others. She asks her to not to believe them to which she says that she will prove to her that Anupriya is really ill.

Kalyani brings medicine ro anupriya who asks her to leave and send her daughter as she will only take it from her daughter. Kalyani requests her to take the medicines but she is stubborn. Mihika shows everything to Aparna through video call who asks her to bring Anupriya to her so that she can kill her. Mihika smirks and agrees.

Anupriya does Pooja and distributes Prasad to everyone. Kalyani is watching everything. Anupriya feeds mihika prasad with her own hands. Later she serves dinner to everyone and asking them to eat she feeds mihika. Kalyani sadly looks at the scene. Malhar brings Kalyani to the dining and asks her to eat. Anupriya asks as to who she is to which mihika says it’s her friend. Aausaheb, Sarthak, Malhar and Gungun leave from there. Kalyani is about to leave but mihika steps on her leg intentionally and to hold herself Kalyani keeps her hamd on the plate and the spoon hurts mihika.

Mihika cries and asks Anupriya to lock her inside when Kalyani tries to stop Anupriya from leaving with Mihika to hospital. Anupriya locks her inside a room while Kalyani cries. After she left Kalyani turns behind to see her family. Malhar says that her plan worked. In the flashback Kalyani tells her what happened with Anupriya and how mihika is made Anupriya. She tells her the plan and Anupriya agrees.

Anupriya makes mihika sit in the car and turns behind to smile at Kalyani. Kalyani says that none will save Aparna and Mihika from her. The Screen Freezes On Kalyani’s Face.

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