Tujhse Hai Raabta 30th November 2019 Written Update: Threat for Kalyani’s life!

Episode starts with Malhar puts the pendrive in his laptop and finds Kalyani and his pic. Kalyani goes out calling Atharv, says if I catch you then will beat you a lot. Malhar gets call saying Kalyani will face the problems because of his courage  Malhar gets gun powder smell from the arrow. He runs out. Kalyani comes near the well calling Atharv. Malhar calls her and run towards her. Kalyani turns and sees Anupriya. Anupriya asks why she calling Atharva when he is sleeping. Kalyani says than who hit arrow. Malhar asks her to leave it and suggest her to don’t go outside until they found Aahir. Malhar thinks someone is with Aahir.

When Kalyani about to take pendrive, Malhar stops her and he praises Kalyani to divert her attention from pendrive. She feels over happy and unable to believe he praises her. She goes to drink water than Malhar takes pendrive. Someone spies on Kalyani and Malhar.

Madhav calls Kalyani and she shows one profile to Madhav saying Ranchit suggested this guy. Madhav asks to show the profile to Swara. Kalyani says she will talk to Swara and takes swara with her.

Malhar informs commissioner about Aahir escape. Pawar informs to Malhar that call is from internet so they are unable to track. Malhar says Some of his old enemy is targeting Kalyani. Commissioner says it’s possible Aahir combined with Naxalites and asks Malhar to get transferred to Anuragabad for his and Kalyani safety. Malhar denies saying he won’t ran from problems and protect his Kalyani.

Kalyani asks Swara to don’t rush things. Swara says she have to do this for Baba and want to see his happiness. Swara notices some gift box. Kalyani thinks what’s this box and when she about to touch the box she gets call from Mahar. She says about this gift box thing to Malhar. He asks her to don’t open it. She opens it saying don’t take stress and says it’s empty box. Malhar shouts on her for opening it and says it can be some danger from Aahir also.

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Kalyani says Malhar cares for her so much to Swara. Pawar gets shocked seeing Malhar at cinemaa theatre. He  says he came for theatre to make Kalyani mood better. Pawar and Malhar gets shocked seeing Houseful board. Pawar gets black tickets for them. Malhar checks his tickets and gets stunned reading Last day last show words behind the ticket. Malhar asks where is the person who sell these tickets.

Kalyani gets Projector pack from delivery boy. Atharva says they can watch movies. Kalyani says they didbt ordered the item and maybe he came to wrong address. He says this gift from some sir and he is waiting outside. Kalyani gets surprised the Ranchit. He says because you’re going to theatre that’s why I bought it for you as a gift because your video got viral. Kalyani gets excited and asks him to show.

Malhar enters. Kalyani thinks he will get any seeing him. But he notice hoarding moment and  he throws Ranchit and Kalyani from that place before hoarding fells on them. Someone runs from that place hiding under blanket. Ranchit says how it happened. Malhar shouts on Ranchit for arranging banner and shouts on Kalyani for coming outside even after his warning. She goes from that place. Ranchit says sorry. Malhar says sorry for venting his frustration to him and says it’s tension from Aahir matter. Malhar thinks more people are behind Kalyani along with Aahir.