Tujhse Hai Raabta 31st July 2019 Written Update:- Malhar interrogates Atul about terrorists

The episode begins with Malhar is asking all the policemen about packing the RDX properly. On the other hand, Atharva comes to Malhar and complains about those people. Kalyani comes there in karate dress and asks Malhar to keep her as his bodyguard. Malhar smiles seeing her antics. She says she is an orange belt and she can protect Malhar from all odds.
Malhar smiles seeing her innocence while Anupriya scolds her for being childlike. Kalyani says she is not a kid anymore but a grown-up person so she can protect Malhar as Anupriya told her stories of Savitri and Satyaban. Malhar says I have a better idea to check whether you are able to protect me or not. He made a wall of one brick, Kalyani says it is nothing for her and she keeps one more brick on it and says she can break both the brick easily and pulls an attempt but got hurt in hand. Malhar pulls her leg and breaks the bricks with his elbow easily and leaves by giving Kalyani a smile.



Later, Sampada creates havoc in the house when she gets to know about Atya and Vaman bhau are meeting with each other. She drags Aparna inside the house and complains about it to Aao saheb. Atul takes Aparna’s side and asks Aao saheb to let her go if she is willing.


Aao saheb like always tried to show her power on Aparna’s life when Kalyani interrupts their conversation and brings Aparna in her side of the house and says she will get Aparna and Vamanbhau married within upcoming 2 days. All get shocked while Kalyani promises Sampada to try to stop her.


The police constable Pawar comes and asks Atul and Aao saheb to come with him for some interrogation regarding the RDX and militants. They left for the police station, inside the police station Atul is giving them. description about the looks of militants and another side, Atharva asks them. about any other details.


Aao saheb misbehaves while Atul says they didn’t give any slip to them as a piece of proof. Atul says he saw an address on the truck and it was somewhere about Bilaswadi. Malhar asks Pawar about find outhouses with the same area and no.


Here in the house, Kalyani brings out an album from almirah and sees its a scrapbook of Malhar. She settles on the bed with Moksh and unfolds the pages. She sees Malhar’s childhood pictures and then she sees a girl picture inside it and reads about her. Anupriya comes and asks about Malhar permission regarding Kalyani’s initiative to get Aparna and Vaman married. She called Malhar when he reached the house where the address is located. He gets a call from Kalyani and says yes without listening to it properly. Malhar, on the other hand, heard sounds of bullet and enters the house with guns. He looked and gets shocked to see Ketki there with a person lying unconscious on the floor.


Precap: All are enjoying at the house when Malhar enters the house with Ketki carrying her in his arms. Kalyani recognizes her and gets surprised.