Tujhse Hai Raabta 3rd December 2019 written update: Aahir acts like Madhav

Episode starts with Malhar asks Pawar to keep eye on Kalyani. Just then a car comes and stops near kalyani. Ranchit gets down from the car and asks Kalyani why you’re celebrating picnic during office time. Kalyani warns him. Ranchit apologies to Anupriya for his manager behaviour. Malhar notice everything. Kalyani says it’s tough to sell products while going to every house and I will sell every product. Ranchit says this much confidence. Kalyani promotes packets in market and sells everything. Ranchit says you’re GOAT Kalyani. Anupriya says I know its Greatest. Kalyani says it’s Greatest of all the time. Ranchit hifies and use sanitizer to clean his hands. Kalyani mocks him

Constable informs they got info about Aahir. Malhar leaves asking to keep eye on Kalyani. Seeing Madhav, Kalyani asks Ranchit to hide their job news from Madhav.

Someone spreads mosquito killer gas, Madhav asks Kalyani and Anupriya to go home and help Swara. Malhar asks to check. Kalyani and Anupriya are walking on the road. Madhav opens the gutter lid and looks on evilly. Kalyani and Anupriya are about to fall inside it but Kalyani fell down because of tyre. Constable informs to Malhar this is attempt to hurt Kalyani. Malhar asks him to find the municipal worker. Kalyani says I’m feeling Malhar presence here. Madhav takes Kalyani and Anupriya with him.

Atharva asks Ranchit to stay with them. Ranchit says he loves to stay with this family. AAO saheb praises him and Kalyani gets jealous about him. Ranchit asks Aleca to say medicines for Jealousy. Kalyani says he never get girl if he talks with Aleca. Madhav observes Kalyani.

Pawar says sorry for not observing the person who open manhole. Constable informs they didn’t get any info of munical worker.Malhar takes spectacles from spot and thinks it’s belongs to Baba. Pawar says it can belongs to killer. Malhar says Baba can’t see anything without spects.

Hearing sounds from Madhav room Pallavi notice inside room through keyhole and gets shocked seeing Madhav holding Aswari legs. Pallavi runs towards Kalyani room and informs everything to Kalyani and he smiles saying he may take something from ground and goes to Madhav room to give his medicine.

Kalyani asks Madhav to take medicines but he says later hiding his face. Kalyani sees almirah doubtfully and original Madhav is inside that cupboard. Aswari closes Cupboard door before Kalyani notices Madhav and she takes tablets from Kalyani. Once Kalyani goes outside she closes door and checks Madhav inside almirah. Ahir who is like Madhav wakes up from bed and says he will ruin Malhar and Kalyani. Aswari says Malhar will kill him if he founds out. Aahir says You don’t know who is supporting me this time. Aswari asks who are they. Aahir says people who hate Malhar.

Ranchit introduces groom to everyone and asks where is your fil to Kalyani and that time aswari brings Madhav with her. Kalyani thinks why Mamaji is hiding his face.