Tujhse Hai Raabta 3rd February 2021 Written Update: Aaosaheb slaps Avni and apologies to Kalyani and Anupriya after confessing her crimes

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Episode starts with Kalyani brings gangajal and sprinkle it on Sarthak. Sarthak asks her to stop saying what’s she doing. Kalyani says my Aayi cares for you that’s why I care for you so sprinkling Gangajal on you so you won’t get Paap for bad-mouthing about my Aayi. Sarthak says keep this family drama with you, your Mom can’t even earn if I throw her out and I won’t let you get pension than how you guys gonna live? With love and care. Avni says glad Anupriya real face is exposed, otherwise don’t know what crimes this mother and Daughter can do. Shera and Kalyani says Avni. Aaosaheb slaps Avni.

Aaosaheb says I must slap you in the start itself Avni but I became blinded and Sarthak you deserve punishment too but youre good person and doing this in misunderstanding, don’t repeat my son Atul mistakes and she apologies to Kalyani and Anupriya for separating them and confesses that she is done everything to take revenge for NAL death and you lost your kid because of me so please forgive me.

Sarthak says it’s good that you’re taking full blame but Anupriya I’d not kid, she killed her own kid for Kalyani. Avni says don’t cross your limits Aaosaheb otherwise you can never meet your son. Aaosaheb writes her confession and asks Godavari to give it to police and tells she don’t want his son to get released from jail because he deserves punishment for his crimes. Aaosaheb asks Kalyani and Anupriya to forgive her and she confesses that she too Ill treated Swara but Vivek deserves punishment for his behaviour and I realised my mistakes when Godavari strucked in similar situation and from nowonwards I will be Mom of Anupriya who supports her every minute and please punish me because I’m ready to bear it. Kalyani says you realised your mistake that’s enough so no need to asks apologies from us. Sarthak says not ending drama. Shera says don’t forget I’m their to support Kalyani.

Sarthak shuts him and says it may good if I marry furniture in this house because Anupriya don’t have status to become my wife. Anupriya cries. Shera throws Sarthak phone to chandlier, you need woman to serve you but you compare her with furniture, you’re educated fool. Sarthak says I don’t need to get lesson from you ,what you think about me and he raises his hand. Shera stops him twisting his hand. Kalyani stops Shera. Shera says I learnt what’s love and care in this
house, seeing Anupriya care and love I started calling her Maayi and I won’t leave if anyone insults my Mom.

Kalyani says I used to respect him like Dad because he was good husband and Dad but today he proved that he don’t deserve my Aaayi and I will show you what my Aayi deserves, she places 7 pots in hall and says you guys will know what My Aayi can do in these 7days. Sarthak smiles and says her Aayi can never learn anything. Avni asks Sarthak to throw everyone from home. Sarthak says 7pots resembles 7days right, I love to break pots, let’s make this competition interesting if your Aayi can’t become like what you said than Moksh will stay with me forever. Shera asks why he is involving child. Kalyani stops him and accepts the challenge.

Anupriya shouts at Kalyani for accepting this kind of challenge, I fulfilled my duty as wife for Sarthak and I became fool and deserve this competition. Kalyani says it’s your good nature Aayi, he is unlucky for missing you, their is no mistake of you and let’s show him what he lost because you’re best and don’t think low of yourself. Anupriya says she can’t do it anymore and maybe something is missing in me that’s why my life partners don’t want me. Kalyani says their is no problem in you, it’s not fight between you and uncle, it’s fight of every woman who’s not getting deserving value from their husbands, let’s win this fight and give hope to every woman. Anupriya says she lost it.