Tujhse Hai Raabta 4th December 2019 written update: Malhar breakdowns knowing Ranchit feelings for Kalyani

Episode stars with Kalyani asks why Madhav is hiding his face with hand. Aswari says because of teeth pain. Uday parents accepts Swara match. Everyone feels happy. Aswari takes Madhav inside the room.

Kalyani informs Malhar about Swara match. Malhar asks about Madhav. Aswari says he is taking rest but hearing music Malhar unmask Madhav and Kalyani gets shocked to see Aahir.

Malhar takes recorder from Aahir pocket and turns it off. Malhar says you can fool anyone not me. Malhar beats Aahir and asks him for Madhav. Kalyani asks him about Madhav. Aswari signs him to say. Aahir signs towards cupboard. Kalyani opens the door ans Madhav fell from cupboard in unconscious state. Anupriya and Ranchit asks what’s happening. Malhar asks Anupriya to call the doctor

Police arrests Aahir and Malhar asks Police to take him. Atharva makes Moksh beats Aahir for hurting him and asks Malhar to punish him. Malhar says ok and asks him to take Moksh inside.

 informs Madhav got consciousness. Aswari says I will never forgive Aahir and I can’t see his face. Pallavi says stop your drama and you’re with your son and I saw both of you. Malhar asks what are you saying but Anupriya stops her and takes Pallavi from that place. Seeing Swara, Madhav says Uday. Kalyani says they like Swara. Ranchit asks to hide Aahir master and says they are ready to do engagement. Malhar says we can discuss later but Madhav says no and finish it. Malhar gets pawar call and goes to police station.

Malhar beats Aahir for hurting his son Nd father. Pawar tries to stop him but Malhar beats him badly to reveal who’s helping him. Aahir denies to reveal and Malhar continues to beat him. Pawar takes Mahar our forcefully.

Malhar asks Pawar to implement his plan. Pawar says ok. Malhar asks constables to obt give food and water to Aahir and asks what happened to Prashant case and this what happens when he calls from station to his lawyer and escape from jail. This is wrong. Malhar asks Pawar to keep an eye on Aahir and asks him to trace the location if he calls someone.

Kalyani teaches dance steps to Atharva. Ranchit asks whether they need help.

Atharva asks Ranchit to perform with Kalyani. Ranchit says they won competition at school and dances with Kalyani. Atharva says they are dancing really well and runs to being camera. Kalyani reminds their school memories and slaps him for leaving without informing her. Ranchit says he went because of his mom heart attack and if I didn’t go that time I may reveal my heart feelings. Malhar overhears their convo. Kalyani asks him to say and Ranchit says I like you more than friend. Kalyani gets stunned. Ranchit asks to leave and it may be different if I sat this to you when we are in school. Malhar leaves from that place in tears.

Ranchit says another girl will come and he will forget her. Kalyani says you’re not serious na. Ranchit says yes. Kalyani says otherwise you may get heart break because you and me yewww. Kalyani says her life takes new turn and Malhar and Moksh entered her life and Anupriya takes care of her like mom and this the best thing. Malhar sees his pics with Kalyani.