Tujhse Hai Raabta 4th February 2020 Written Update: Malhar gets broken knowing Sampada’s new demand

Episode starts with Malhar says I will convince Sampada for IVF, Moksh and we need you Kalyani, trust me nothing will happen to our Moksh and he hugs her. AAO saheb says to Aparna about Sampada evil motive to spoil Malhar and Kalyani life. Aparna says I don’t know about Sampada plans and I’m also worried about Kalyani. Sarthak returns to home. Anupriya asks him about Kalyani and he says I didn’t get any info. Atharva shows Malhar bringing Kalyani and everyone gets worried seeing her. AAOsaheb and other questions what happens to Kalyani and where is Sampada.

Listening Moksh cries Kalyani goes to Moksh and pampers him him saying nothing will happen to you. Anupriya says trust Malhar for Pillu and we got to know everything from Malhar and we will make Sampada agree to carry another child through IVF so you guys don’t need to seperate from eachother. Kalyani says nothing will happen to Pillu na. Anupriya Sara yes. Malhar takes Pillu and hugs Kalyani and they share family moment.

At beauty parlour  Sampada calls Ranchit and says you did mistake while trying to kill Kalyani and now that Malhar won’t leave you and search for you everywhere, until now they didn’t know I can’t become mother and we have to use this matter and I will play the next move.

Kalyani says you don’t know what happened. Atharva says I know Baba proposed you. Kalyani says Malhar is thinking I’m not loving him. Atharva says Baba is buddu and you love everyone of us and including Baba. Kalyani imagines about having love moments with Malhar and pehla nasha plays… Atharva asks Aayi you love Baba right. Kalyani says yes I love him and I feel filmy when he is near me and  thinks to tell Malhar about her love.

Malhar got the info about Sampada hiding at parlor and he reaches to parlour. Sarthak informs Kalyani that Malhar got the Sampada details. Kalyani feels happy and says to Pillu ,Malhar will make Sampada agree for IVF and we can live like a happy family so I have to confess my love for him and she practices how to propose Malhar with Moksh. Atharva informs Baba is back and Asks Kalyani to meet him. Kalyani goes out happily and reminces about Malhar love confession. Kalyani thinks I also loves him a lot and now I’m ready to tell him my love and She notices Malhar in jeep.

Malhar come sout from jeep with letter and Kalyani gets shocked after reading the letter. Malhar thinks how parlour woman gave this letter to him when he question her about Sampada. Sampada says we have to have another child to save Moksh and I will return to home when you wait for me at wedding Mandap to marry me.  Malhar and Kalyani cries for their helpless situation.