Tujhse Hai Raabta 4th January 2021 Written Update: Shera asks for money to finish Kalyani work

Tujhse Hai Raabta 4th January 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Avni gets shocked seeing locker catches fire and says how it happens whole jewellery is inside locker. Malhar says just now you just I stealed the jewellery. Aaosaheb asks someone to control the fire. Malhar tells to inspector that whole jewellery belongs his sister Swara. Kalyani says my husband is saying correct, it’s his sister Swara jewellery. Shera says how can I make them have my sister jewellery that’s why I came near locker. Inspector leaves saying it’s your family matter Malhar sir do handle it and he leaves.

Avni tries to attack Kalyani but Shera stop her and he removes his scarf than they get shocked seeing jewellery in his neck. Aaosaheb and Avni asks him to return jewellery but Shera says your jewellery is burnt in the fire that inspector is proof for it and bring the receipt to get this jewellery otherwise don’t talk and he goes out.

Shera removes jewellery and thinks don’t know how woman wear this heavy jewellery. Kalyani tells him they this jewellery belongs to Swara. Shera says I snatched my sister jewellery from them which they stealed, I did correct right. Moksh smiles. Kalyani says I’m Kalyani Rane, I won’t let you steal this jewellery and than she assigns him next work to get info from jewellery shop that why Malhar used to met them.

Shera says I will do it but don’t forget that you didn’t payed me anything except that ring. Kalyani gets angry that time Sarthak enters saying you want to prove this person as Malhar? Shera says you spoiled our moment, i wear the jewellery belongs to my sister. Sarthak says Malhar can never speak in this way. Kalyani says noone can change the truth and he is Malhar ji. Avni enters and asks Kalyani to bring Shera to the place told by her if she is sure that he is Malhar. Kalyani tensed.

Next day Avni performs Pooja and tells to Kalyani that this tree is powerful and wishes if devotees will be fulfilled when Husband holds wife and finishes 100 parikrama around this tree. Aaosaheb says Sarthak and Avni performs it to get Moksh custody. Avni says if he is your Malhar than you guys have to do it for Moksh voice. Sarthak takes Avni aside and tells he can’t do it. Avni says manage because Kalyani won’t let that imposter touch him. Avni asks Kalyani to start it, Kalyani about to reply but Shera holds her in arms and asks Sarthak to hold Avni. Pandit makes them start the Parikrama.

Sarthak breaks the Parikrama in middle saying he can’t do it. Shera gets hurt but finishes Parikrama seeing Kalyani face. Pandit announces its completed. Shera than thinks what’s happening to him and notices his wounds under feet. Avni looks shocked at him. Shera teases Avni and asks her to get balm.

Kalyani about to leave but Aaosaheb stops them saying Husband must make his wife wear Sindoor after Parikrama to complete this Pooja right. Pandit agrees. Kalyani looks shocked. Avni as them to do it. Kalyani gets Kumkum and hurts her finger and she gives Kumkum to Shera and but she intelligently applies blood from her hand and makes others believed that He makes her wear Kumkum.

Avni sees Aaosaheb is tied to chair and asks who did it. Aaosaheb reminsces how she tried to scare Moksh with belt to know the truth but Shera enters the room and ties her to chair with bombs and takes Moksh with him after warning her to blast her.Avni follows the thread and reaches to Shera room but moves out hearing his voice, which actually played by Moksh with recorder. Outside Kalyani asks Shera to meet Gold shop person to collect info. Shera asks her to give him money. Kalyani says she will do it by her own and scolds him..

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