Tujhse Hai Raabta 4th November 2019 Written Update: Kalyani gets emotional on knowing the reason behind Malhar decision

The episode starts with Kalyani says she knows he’s doing all this to send her to the hostel, so she can stay away from him. She questions why he wants to send her away. Is she that bad? Why he wants to separate them. Is it that difficult to stay with her? She demands an answer and tries to make him turn towards her but in this process, she tears his shirt.

Malhar holds her face says he doesn’t want her to struggle between two family problems and he wants to fulfill his promise to her father that’s why he wants to free her from these problems so she can fulfill her dreams. He says she forgot her dreams while fulfilling her housewife duties. Everyone wants their wife to fulfill housewife duties but I can’t because I don’t want you to kill your dream that’s why I’m sending you to the hostel. He says he doesn’t want her to involve in any problem because of this risky job and says he can’t stay without her. Kalyani cries and they both share an emotional moment.

Kalyani asks him to think from her perspective. This is related to her aayi life so she can’t see her Aayi life in trouble. Malhar says he will prove her Aayi innocence. Kalyani says she wants to trust him but she can’t leave without solving this problem.

Kalyani checks the car’s number plate. Anupriya questions her what’s she doing. Kalyani asks Anupriya to check number plate MH Boss properly so she may get remember something. Seeing number Anupriya says it’s the same car she witnessed in 24th night when she went to deliver sarees. Kalyani asks her to remember a few more things but Anupriya denies saying she doesn’t remember other things. Madhav overhears their convo.

Sarthak asks Anupriya, will he ever get her forgiveness. Madhav says to Ashwari and Ahir, Anupriya is remembering everything and it can be a risk for them. Can she hide the truth for her Sasural reputation once she remembers everything? Here Anupriya thinks she hides the truth from Kalyani. That day she saw Sarthak at that place and that car belongs to him. And thinks what happened that day.

Malhar cries seeing Swara pic. Kalyani asks him to stop crying and informs him he can celebrate this bhaidooj with his sister. Malhar felts happy and Thanks Kalyani. They celebrate bhaidooj. Malhar asks Swara to ask him for any gift.

Atharva asks Anupriya to check his gift but Anupriya says let’s wait for Pallavi Taayi so she can present him. Atharva denies and checks cupboard and announce tape recorder is his gift. Anupriya gets flashes of that cassette discussion with Pallavi. Atharv plays it left saying it’s not working but Anupriya stops when she heard Someone is requesting help in the cassette.

Kalyani asks Swara to ask him a good gift. Swara asks him to love and respect Kalyani forever and asks him to don’t become like other family members. Madhav gets angry.

Radhe requesting for help in that cassette and says Sarthak wants to kill him. Anupriya gets stunned.