Tujhse Hai Raabta 5th August 2019 Written Update:- Malhar develops a doubt for Atul

The episode starts with Aparna is asking Anupriya if she is doing the right thing by getting married like this. As both of them are aged people and Aao Saheb and Sampada are not happy with my marriage. Anupriya asks her if you are happy then it is enough. Aparna says people will laugh at us, Anupriya says if they will laugh at you then you also laugh on them. Atul abruptly enters the room and keep something in the almirah. He goes out of the room and greets Aparna and Anupriya while Anupriya feels something uneasy with his behavior.


Here Kalyani spent some time with Ketki when the latter said that Malhar says so many good things about you. Kalyani asks really? he is saying good for me what did he say? Suddenly Ketki sense someone is stalking them while Kalyani tells not to think about it much. Here Malhar is the outside area of the house to find out who is the stalker? Suddenly he notices a man with a hoodie and hides behind a pillar. He sees a man comes out of the storeroom and opens his hoodie. He gets shocked to see that the hoodie man is Atul. He thinks if Atul is somehow connected to the terrorist camp and thinks what will goes on Kalyani if she gets to know about this?

In the morning, Anupriya asks Kalyani why Ketki is in the kitchen. Kalyani says I got late today so Ketki is making tea for all. Anupriya asks Kalyani to be more cautious about Ketki. She comes to the room and sees Atharva applied colors on Malhar’s face all over. She somehow brings him down and is about to wash his face when Malhar wakes up. Kalyani distracts him by saying something or the other and Malhar thinks what happened to her all of a sudden? He asks Kalyani if any mad dog bites her? Kalyani says the golden glow on your face is looking good for the marriage day and falls on him when Ketki comes at the door while Atharva teases them. Kalyani asks Atharva to keep quiet but Malhar sees her hand and gets the whole thing. Ketki comes in while Atharava runs away from the room. She gives him tea and Kalyani asks Malhar to get ready for marriage. Sarthak sets for the priest and arranges for marriage when Anupriya brings Aparna and Kalyani compliments her. All are happy with the ongoing function when Atharva goes out and a joker distracts him. Kalyani comes out in search of Atharva and sees his glass on the ground. She enters into the bushes and calls for Atharva while the joker troubles Atharva by drowning him in the water again and again. She finally notices him and takes him into the house and informs Sampada about the entire thing.

Atul gets a call and he informs Anupriya and escapes from there and while going out he lies to Kalyani. Malhar goes in Atul room and checks the cupboard and finds a plan of the terror attack. He gets upset that what will happen when Kalyani will get to know? He comes out and decides to tell Kalyani everything. Kalyani and Malhar did Kanyadaan of Aparna and later Malhar tells Kalyani everything about Ketki and her husband and Atul too. Kalyani and Malhar come in their room where Kalyani breaks down in tears and says her dad can not do this. Malhar pacifies her and asks for her help to find out the culprit and also release Atul from their trap. He says I can’t see you in trouble to Kalyani and both of them shares an eye lock.

Precap – Malhar doubts on Kalyani for helping her father to escape from the city.