Tujhse Hai Raabta 5th February 2021 Written Update: Anupriya promises to win the challenge for Kalyani

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Episode starts with Kalyani says you betrayed my trust and friendship, how you expected that I can give Malhar position to someone in my heart? Malhar is forever love of mine, did you get it. Shera says it’s happened by mistake, I thought to hide it in my heart but I confessed it by mistake seeing you in that state. Kalyani asks him to leave from her life before things can get complicated and asks him to never show his face.

Shera apologies to Kalyani and asks Kalyani to think for Moksh and asks her to allow him to stay until everything gets settled. Kalyani tells Shera that they were never a couple and i will handle my son and you are an ordinary person, whom I hired with the money and i don’t need you anymore so leave from here taking this ring and I will send you the remaining money also and never come Infront of me. Shera is shocked and says you’re doing mistake by getting trapped in Kaka plan, forget everything, I said it by mistake. Kalyani throws him and asks to leave. Shera leaves from that place with broken heart.

Sarthak thinks now noone can their to support Kalyani and he happily informs to Avni that Shera left from home. Godavari gives 2chocolates to Moksh. Moksh takes one chocolate and keeps other one for Moksh. Avni eats that chocolate saying Shera is out from home because your Mom sent him from home. Sarthak breaks first pot and asks Kalyani who cares for her because Shera left from here, you don’t have money and Moksh don’t have father figure, their is no place for step Mom like you at my place.

Moksh asks Kalyani about Shera. Kalyani tells him that she sended Shera from home. Avni says I didn’t lied, your Mom throws him from home and asks your Mom why she did it and what’s happening between them. Kalyani asks how can she talk in this way Infront of kid. Moksh asks Kalyani to answer but she won’t than Moksh leaves in anger. Sarthak says Moksh may leave you before 7days because I saw hate in his eyes. Kalyani says still 6 days left and noone can snatch my kid from me.

Godavari informs everything to Anupriya. Anupriya says Kalyani is alone without Shera and how will she manage Moksh. Aaosaheb says Dhaga enterpriser is ready to help us for NAL emporium and he wants to discuss about legal agreement with you. Anupriya says she can’t. Aaosaheb says it’s big contract for us, he apologized to me after your warning so I want you to do it for our family and Kalyani otherwise Kalyani may lose her Moksh.

Moksh denies to have food saying she don’t love him. Kalyani calls Tony for Shera. Tony asks is something left? I told him many times to confess his love but he never did it saying you love only Malhar and you throws him from home, he is left from here forever. Moksh asks what Tony uncle said. Kalyani says Shera is out and he will call you once he is back. Moksh keeps phone with him and waits for Shera call. Kalyani cries.

Anupriya consoles Kalyani and says everyone is correct from their point of view but I’m promising you that I never let Sarthak win over us, Moksh will be your beta forever and noone can separate Moksh from you. Kalyani makes Anupriya wear modern dress for her meeting with NRI. Aaosaheb thanks client for giving them another chance. Client says everything depends on their meeting with Anupriya. Kalyani says my Aayi is smart and their will be no mistake in accounts.

Avni thinks Anupriya can’t get this contract otherwise Sarthak ji will lose his challenge. Anupriya attends meeting in modern attire but she feels uncomfortable. Sarthak says their business can’t get started. Avni says it won’t happen because I tighted Anupriya dress and it will get open up if something goes wrong and it will kill her confidence.

Anupriya zip slowly got open. Sarthak won’t like what Avni did. Kalyani sees dress zip is opening. Client says your concentration is not here and I don’t like this nature. Kalyani throws saree in Anupriya and tells to clients that it’s sample piece and asks Anupriya to show them wearing it.

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