Tujhse Hai Raabta 6th August 2020 Written Update: Kalyani and Malhar confesses their love to eachother

Tujhse Hai Raabta 6th August 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Kalyani begs Malhar to open his eyes but he is still unconscious than she confesses that she loves him so much and don’t know when she fell for him and asks him to open his eyes. Seeing him in unconscious state she cries miserably. Malhar suddenly asks why you don’t know when you fell in love with me. Kalyani beats him for acting. Malhar says he knows acting too and than confesses he loves her too. Both shouts I love you and hugs eachother with so much love.

Sarthak says romantic movies are happening in streets that’s why theatre are closed. Kalyani and Malhar notices Sarthak and Anupriya. They reveals that their fight is drama to unite them. Kalyani gets angry after knowing everything is fake. Malhar says accident is not fake and my Jeep wires are cut and it’s because of that Trilok. Kalyani says I won’t leave Trilok this time. Malhar asks her to act 3more days for Moksh. Anupriya asks why Trilok is doing this with you. Malhar says he didn’t know it but will find It very soon. Unknown woman tied up with chains in room. Kalyani says I used to think my confession day will be the best day , it’s best day but I’m not happy because I’m worried for Moksh health. Malhar consoles her saying nothing will happen to our Moksh because he had us and now we have to concentrate to know about Trilok motive. Kalyani asks what if Trilok denies to become donor. Malhar says he will become the donor and Moksh will be back to home. Kalyani says I love you. Malhar says love you too and hugs eachother.

Kalyani takes Malhar to home and acts like Malhar can’t walk for some time. Trilok tries to help him but Malhar denies to take help. Trilok gets call and leaves from their room. Kalyani says Malhar ji we need to get his Mobile to know his plan. Trilok asks caller to finish it quickly and he needs 3 and than he thinks tomorrow he will get confirmation. Kalyani says she have plan.
Next day Aaosaheb, Anupriya comes to Sarthak room and shows their mask , Aaosaheb makes him busy with her talks than Anupriya gets info from mobile.

Anupriya says Trilok is selling his house and going to London and he booked 3tickets. Kalyani says so he is planning to run. Malhar says who is the 3rd person in his life apart from Suhana.

Kalyani gets doctor call and she informs to everyone that Moksh health is deteriorating and his reports are bad so they need to operate him badly. Malhar says I know how to stop him ,vi will search his house and get to know about other person. Kalyani says ok.

Malhar searches Trilok house. He listens clock sound and checks the clock than he notices police uniform of Divya marathe and thinks is she is that Divya. Unknown woman moves with chains. Accidentally photo frame fell down from Malhar hand than he notices real Divya pic under Kalyani pic. Unknown woman is revealed as Divya. Malhar gets shocked.