Tujhse Hai Raabta 6th January 2021 Written Update: Kalyani fails Sarthak and Shera plans

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Episode starts with Avni says don’t take tension and asks Sarthak to have food. Sarthak denies and says they need to search another way to found the truth. Kalyani sees Shera is playing with things he stealed and she says stop your behaviour, very soon you have to go to police station and now we found they need Heera Vittal murti and to caught them you have to go to police station. Shera throws things from his hand. Pawar calls to Kalyani and she asks him to come. Pawar feels happy seeing Malhar and gives him reappointment letter that he have to join office from tomorrow. Shera says ok. Pawar leaves. Kalyani asks Shera to don’t overact otherwise I don’t give you money. Shera gets call from Tomy and he says he will do something to help him.

Shera reaches to station in uniform and goes near Tomy cell. Pawar and other Contestable looks confused with Shera attitude. Shera asks Pawar to release Tomy. Pawar says he is robber so can’t release him. Shera says we have to release them with humanity.

Sarthak informs to Avni that he is going to station to prove new one is imposter and he asks her to stop Kalyani to reach station. Avni agrees. Tomy says he stealed for his Dadi health. Pawar releases Tomy and gives him 2500 because of Shera. Kalyani calls Pawar and he asks what happened to sir because he released Robber from jail. Kalyani thanks him and thinks to reach police station but Avni stops Kalyani saying where your Pillu. Kalyani searches for Pillu and thinks he is locked inside cupboard because if sound and searches for key.

Sarthak smiles seeing Shera at police station. Kalyani breaks the lock but notices the recorder is inside not Pillu. Sarthak asks Shera to sign in form saying he lost his mobile phone. Shera looks shocked. Sarthak reminsces how he got to know from hospital that new Malhar used Thumb impression in place of signature. Kalyani sees Pillu us playing outside and gets to know he is fine than she thinks Sarthak and Avni played this truck to stop her reaching to station.

Sarthak insists Shera to sign. Kalyani takes pen and he won’t sign in any paper on Tuesday and he did this mannat for Moksh health. Shera thinks Kalyani is intelligent. Kalyani calls Rao kaka than Rao brings Tomy and his friend and tells to Pawar that Malhar released Tomy to get their gang. Shera thinks she can’t do anything than he asks them to keep Tomy and other person in lockup. Kalyani asks Shera to come with her but Pawar asks him to wait for sometime because Commissioner sir is coming here.

Sarthak scolds Avni for not stopping Kalyani. Avni says I tried and it’s Aaosaheb mistake. Aaosaheb says why you’re blaming me. Later Shera tells to Kalyani that Sarthak may found from hospital that I’m uneducated. Kalyani asks why you came to station without Informing me? Don’t touch my Malhar things because he respects his job. Shera drags Kalyani towards him.

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