Tujhse Hai Raabta 7th December 2020 Written Update: Mukku teaches a lesson to Avni

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Episode starts with Avni signs goon to leave so he escape from that place. Malhar says Goon is lying so its fine but you didn’t inform me when the matter is related to our Moksh so now I’m decided to tap your phone . Avni smiles. Kalyani says it’s against law. Malhar says suspend me but I won’t leave any chance of information about Moksh so I will tap your phone. Kalyani looks on.

Sarthak asks Doctor to check Mukku condition. Anupriya gets scared and prays to Bappa to save them. Doctor checks her, Mukku In unconscious state says no doctor otherwise they will know the truth. Sarthak says what truth. Anupriya gets shocked. Mukku gets some conscious and says no doctor please. Anupriya goes near Mukku and says Mukku is scared of Doctor so she ask Doctor to prescribe medicines without checkup. They agrees.

Later Kalyani sits near Mukku and apologies to him for causing problems Nd thinks when everything will get normal and she kisses Moksh in tears. Anupriya consoles her saying they are doing this to save Moksh. Kalyani says Uncle didn’t found anything right. Anupriya takes Kalyani outside and tells her how she got scared that time. Kalyani gets Ankur call and she asks him to get details of Aparna.

Chikal meets Mukku and asks why she left Avni without teaching her a lesson. Mukku says very soon she will teach her lesson. Both shares hifi.

Next day Mukku and Chikkal sees Avni placing cumcumber on her face than she applies taking something from coconut but it smells bad than she notices Cow dung. Mukku and Chikkal smiles and Mukku reminsces how she replaced Coconut.

Kalyani says to Anupriya that they have to be careful from Avni. That time Avni enters Kitchen and searches angrily fir Mukku. Kalyani asks what happened. Avni says Mukku crossed every limit changing my face pack with Gobber and today I won’t leave her. Kalyani sats don’t blame Mukku without any proof because until now she is sleeping. Avni says I won’t leave her and goes to Mukku room and sees Mukku is waking up from bed. Kalyani says I told you right she is innocent. Avni angrily leaves.

Kalyani sees Mukku slipper and Anupriya and Kalyani caughts Mukku and Kalyani asks Mukku to never hide truth from her. Mukku says this game is started by Avni that’s why I teached her lesson. Anupriya says Moksh is exactly like you. Mukku feels happy. Anupriya asks Mukku to brush immediately to have jilebi.

Mukku with brush sees Malhar is waking up and she goes to Malhar room and makes him brush his teeth. Kalyani tries to save Mukku than Malhar says her behaviour is because of you. Mukku pours water on him to cool his mood. Malhar angrily leaves saying all mad people are near him. Kalyani asks why she did it. Mukku says to make him have jilebi. They listens Sarthak voice and goes downstairs.

Sarthak says he will join Mukku in English medium. Anupriya says it’s tough for Mukku to adjust. Avni says she will make Mukku ready for entrance exam. Mukku says she won’t Ketan anything from bad aunty. Kalyani says it’s better if we arrange home schooling for Mukku sometime to increase her confidence. Malhar says Uncle will decide what’s good for Mukku so don’t interfere. Sarthak says it’s the problem that’s why I want to join Mukku in school to keep her away from Kalyani.

Avni thinks why they are worried for Mukku schooling. Mukku says I will be failed. Malhar scolds Kalyani for Mukku misbehaviour. Sarthak tells to Mukku that I’m doing this for your betterment so agree with me. Kalyani says she will prepare Mukku for entrance because she dont like Avni.

Sarthak asks Kalyani to teach Mukku until evening 5 than he will decide if she is better option after testing Mukku. Kalyani takes Mukku to her room. Avni asks why Sarthak gave permission to Kalyani. Sarthak says let her do it so she can get admission in school and I want her to get admitted so she can stay away from Kakyani.

Mukku denies to study. Kalyani makes Mukku to agree so they can arrange Homeschooling for her if she pass in Sarthak exam. Mukku says I will pass it if you make jilebi for me. Kalyani agrees and notices utensils are empty in kitchen and sees Malhar is giving the food items to needed prove and asks them to pray for his brother and sister to get rest in peace.

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