Tujhse Hai Raabta 7th January 2021 Written Update: Avni traps Shera and Kalyani in her plan

Tujhse Hai Raabta 7th January 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Commissioner gets angry seeing Shera(Malhar) closeness with Kalyani at station and leaves from that place. Shera says he left. Kalyani throws him and asks him to not involve his brain in her plans and takes him to home to learn Malhar signature. Shera can’t do it than Kalyani ask Shera to practice the sign in whole night and she goes to teach Moksh. Shera imagines that he is with Kalyani in place of Moksh.

Kalyani breaks his imagination and asks him to practice. Shera asks her to help him to learn it. Kalyani thinks it’s my work and makes him learn it. Shera enjoys her closeness. Kalyani sees him and leaves his hand and asks Moksh to make Shera learn it. Shera gets call from Tomy and he goes out to attend it and asks how he comes out of jail. Tomy blames Kalyani but Shera asks him to don’t say anything against her. Tomy asks if he is in love. Shera says you don’t know she is trying hard to make me learn her husband sign. Tomy gives him idea to found inner feelings of Kalyani for him.

Next day Shera removes lock of bathroom and thinks Tomy plan to enter bathroom when Kalyani went to bath and act like he came by mistake and than Kalyani gonna hug him. Shera sees Kalyani goes to bathroom. Kalyani sees broken lock and asks Moksh to guard her bathroom for 5m. Moksh agrees. Shera sees Moksh and send puppy near him and Moksh feels happy and runs behind puppy. Before entering bathroom Shera thinks Kalyani is not like those girls, she is different but in films it happens between hero and heroine and he enters and Kalyani shouts seeing him and Shera shouts seeing cockroach.

Kalyani goes out with her saree. Outside Shera tells her that he don’t know about broken lock. Kalyani asks him about Moksh. Shera says maybe went out. Kalyani goes out and sees puppy and asks if she knows about her Pillu. That Puppy runs to some room. Kalyani follows it and sees Moksh is tied to Dart board and unknown is throwing arrows, Kalyani asks them to release Moksh and gets hurt with those Arrows to save her Moksh.

Shera sees Malhar phone is ringing and he attends the call. They asks if he saw the message. Shera gets shocked seeing live video of Moksh and Kalyani. Caller asks Malhar to get 5lakhs to their sent address otherwise his wife and kid will be dead. Person hits Kalyani and Moksh is Avni man and they plans to prove him as imposter. Avni goes to execute her next move. Shera asks Tomy to arrange money. Tomy asks him why he is involving in their matters. Shera receives another call and he asks them to meet him at police station with 5lakhs. Shera goes to station wearing dress.

Person asks Malhar to release his son who done accident by mistake and gives him 5lakhs, he intentionally records everything. Pawar goes to Malhar cabin, Malhar asks him to come later and tells to that man that his son will be out and asks him to leave. That man turned to be Avni man and she asks him to circulate the video. Avni tells to Sarthak on call that Kalyani will announce that new one is imposter to save Malhar reputation. Shera reaches to location and comes in between Kalyani and he gets hurt with arrows. Kalyani cries when Shera removes arrows from her.

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