Tujhse Hai Raabta 7th May 2021 Written Update: Malhar comes to know the Truth

Tujhse Hai Raabta 7th May 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with param asking malhar to prove that the button is of his shirt. Malhar tells him that he may not be able to prove but now he is sure that he is doing something. Param gets tensed as now he will be behind him. Malhar leaves a little away and calls his detective asking him all the details of param. He receives a pic from him and gets shocked seeing Parmarth with Param.

In the hospital Meenakshi is concious and a conistable of hers is telling her that Malhar has got the details of param and shows her the pic. She gets shocked and decides to talk with Malhar as now she is sure taht malhar must be knowing something about param. She leaves from there for Malhar.

Vijayanthi is fixing the cotton sac in her saree when she gets a call. She receives the call and her Motehr In Law calls her Madam to which she asks her to call her Kalyani but she denies saying she is her senior. She tells her about Meenakshi and tells her that she kept a spy camera in her room. She then tells her that they have got to know something about param and now Meenakshi is coming for Malhar. Kalyani gets tensed. Anupriya who was listening all this, begs her to tell the truth and she does not able to see her pain.

On the other hand, Malhar comes to kalyani and shows her the pic. When she denies saying that she is not Kalyani and she doesn’t know about the pic, he shouts at her for lying. He requests her to tell the truth. He tells her that he has always trusted her then why she is not trusting him. He tells her that he is already broken and he will break more if she doesn’t tell him the truth. He begs her to tell the truth asking her what has gone wrong in his love and tells her taht he will go into the eternal darkness if she doesn’t tell him. Seeing him like that kalyani decides to tell him the truth but Meenakshi comes there calling him. She shouts at him for not giving her the information. She was about to open the file she received from her sources about param but Kalyani who was listening to them comes there running and intentionally falls on her making her phone fall in the Water. Meenakshi shouts at her, they see param who was hiding behind the door but Kalyani shouts for him to run. Malhar chases him but he manages to escape. Meenakshi drabs Kalyani arresting her, Anupriya shoots the video and threatens her but Sartak snatches the phone from her. Meenakshi appreciates him and takes Kalyani with him.

Anupriya shouts at Sartak and tells him that she is Kalyani and all teh happeninhs. Malhar comes there hearing this and tells her taht he was always sure about it and promises to save her and leaves from there.

Meenakshi recreates the scene of Kalyani’s encounter. She was about to shoot her but someone shoots her on her hand. She sees Sunitha abducting Kalyani. The Screen Freezes On Meenakshi’s Face.

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