Tujhse Hai Raabta 7th November 2019 Written Update: Swara blames Atharva for her condition

The episode starts with Malhar takes mangal sutra and Says it’s the symbol of suhaagan and wraps it on his wrist saying he also put suhaag’s symbol on him. Everyone is shocked. And announces both families belong to him also. He says he will take equal responsibility to stabilize their families and promises to find who is behind Swara’s condition. Malhar asks Kalyani to beat him with the same belt if Atharva found to be innocent. And says actual culprit can’t escape from him once he finds the truth. SB is scared.

Malhar warns everyone to stay away from Swara room until he brings doctor. Madhav warns Kalyani to stay away from Atharva room. Sarthak asks Madhav to end this topic. Dadi says truth will be out once Swara get her conciouness. Madhav asks Sb how can she harm their daughter. SB says to stop Swara from revealing Radhe truth.

Swara comes out of her room. Sarthak helps her while she is losing her balance. Swara asks him to stay away. if he is really worried for her than asks him to reveal the truth behind her condition to everyone. She says rane men don’t have strength to speak truth. Kalyani comes to hall and enquiries Swara about the culprit. SB shows her fake care and indirectly warns Swara to say Atharva is behind her condition.

Swara says Atharva is behind her condition Infront of everyone. Dadi and Kalyani asks Swara reason behind her lie. But Swara says it’s truth.  Pallavi says Atharva is nowhere in the outhouse. Family gets shocked.

Atharv has a gun and he point towards Moksh and says he protects him because he have gun. Ahir asks him to give gun otherwise he will throw Moksh. Atharva warns him to shoot if he do any harm to Moksh. Family gets shocked seeing Atharva with gun. Pallavi asks him where he got this gun. SB smirks thinking how she handled gun to Atharva. Kalyani tries to convince Atharva to give them gun but Atharva cries and says Malhar will beat him. Malhar apologies to Atharva. Atharva asks Malhar to find the person behind Swara condition and says because of that person he got punishment.

Pillu walks towards Kalyani and Malhar. Everyone’s happy to see pillu first steps. Atharva cries saying he didn’t do anything and Malhar takes gun and takes Atharv from house. Pallavi tries to stop him.

Moksh walks towards Kalyani and she records his steps. Kalyani misses her aayi and thinks why Swara and Sarthak are lying. Aahir locks Kalyani inside the room. Kalyani asks him to open the door.