Tujhse Hai Raabta 8th January 2021 Written Update: Kalyani saves Shera from Sarthak trap

Tujhse Hai Raabta 8th January 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Shera removes Darts from Kalyani body and she feels immense pain than both unties Moksh and saves him. Moksh hugs both of them. Kalyani asks how he knows their location. Shera tells about 5lakhs demand to release them. Kalyani thinks it must be Avni plan, where you gave them money. Shera says he went to the location they sent. Kalyani asks how he arranged the money. Shera about to say something but Moksh disturbs them and they goes to hospital.

Shera and Kalyani reaches to home with Moksh and Avni with 3guys shows them the video of Shera taking bribe, Avni says now you have some options one is to announce this person is imposter and other one your Malhar will be named as corrupt officer and our locality people won’t make you love here. Local boys throws stones at them. Shera stops them and calls someone to bring the person and tells if I prove that I didn’t take any bribe than I will beat you guys with same stones.

Rao brings the person who gave 5lakhs to Shera and Shera brings 5lakhs bag from his car and asks how he got the money if I take the bribe. Person says don’t know how bag come to my car, I did exactly like you said Avni Mam. Shera beats the boys and sends them and asks Rao to handover money to government and arrest the person.

Kalyani throws Avni sayigg she won’t leave her if she ever tries to hurt her kid or ruin her husband name. Avni runs inside. Shera says did you saw how I managed. Kalyani says I know you take bribe. Shera says I did to save you both but when I felt something is wrong I kept the bag in his car. Kalyani says do work according to money. Shera asks her to give some money.

Kalyani sees Malhar photo. Moksh goes to Kalyani and says Shera did to save them. Kalyani says I will throw Shera out once our work is done. Moksh says he can be good person. Kalyani says person is not good who takes money to do any work.

Shera tells to Tomy that he won’t take any money from Kalyani. Tomy looks shocked and than asks why he left Avni. Shera says Kalyani gets angry if I handles Avni that’s why but I will make the person gets suffer stealing the money from him.

Kalyani teaches word to Moksh. Sarthak asks where you new Malhar went to. Kalyani says he went for work. Sarthak asks is it stealing or some work than he shows the video of Shera stealing money from locker with Tomy and tells her that this time she can’t save her new Malhar from Police and shares that video with her. Kalyani sees Shera taking out Vittal murti. Shera asks Avni men where he gets the Vittal murti. Sarthak reaches to their location with commissioner.

Commissioner questions him. Shera says to commissioner that he got info that Vittal murti of Heer and now I came here to know what they stealed more and this Tomy is thief but now he is changed and helping police to open locker and what’s my mistake in it. Kalyani reaches to that place. Shera reminsces how Kalyani messaged him. Commissioner scolds Sarthak for trying to defame Malhar name and leaves after appreciating Malhar work. Kalyani asks from where he stealed the murti. Person says he bought it from Bazar where they sell stealed idols.

Shera imagines Kalyani is feeding food to him at station and he fell on table. Contestables smiles at him. Shera asks them to do their work. Pawar brings Virju to Malhar. Virju and Shera recognises eachother. Pawar says this is the same Virju who stealed and sell Vittal idol. Shera takes Virju with him and they talks with eachother.Kakyani gets to know from Pawar that they found thief. Kalyani thinks to take Tiffin to station to get the secret of Vittal idol.

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