Tujhse Hai Raabta 9th January 2021 Written Update: Kalyani saves Shera life but Birju is dead because of poisoned kheer

Tujhse Hai Raabta 9th January 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Shera and Birju reminisces their past moments. On the way, Kalyani sees someone is fainting and she goes to get water and in this time they change the carrier box according to their plan. Kalyani gives him water and goes to the station. Shera asks Birju about Vittal. Birju says I stole one murti but I know one gang who steal Vittal idols.

Kalyani enters their room. Shera introduces her friend to him. Kalyani says all goons and thieves are your friend’s and she takes him aside. Shera says he will get info and sees Kalyani bought food for him and Shera says he will get info from Birju while sharing the food. Kalyani leaves.

On the way Kalyani sees the chiton bicycle saying her husband’s life will be in danger until they got Vittal and you don’t even get suspicious that we changed your lunch box with poison one. Kalyani returns to the station.

Birju haves Kheer, Shera eats Chapati with curry and searches for water than Birju goes to get it and Shera about to have Kheer but Kalyani stops him asks him to vomit the food than Pawar shouts sir. Kalyani asks did Birju has this food. Shera says Birju had Kheer. They go out and notices Birju on the ground.

Shera asks what happened to him. Pawar says he died. Kalyani says seems like poison is mixed in Kheer. Shera asks for poison. Kalyani tells him what happened on the way. Kalyani takes Shera with him saying his life is in danger. Pawar asks him to go saying they will manage the formalities. Shera thinks Kalyani saved me on time otherwise I will be dead. Outside Kalyani slips because of stone. Shera helps her.

Kalyani says because of me Birju is dead and I can’t risk your life so leave from here taking your money. Shera thinks the first time someone caring for my life and he feels bad seeing Kalyani broken state and says he will go after finishing the work and will take revenge on people who killed my friend.

Kalyani and Shera reach to home. Aaosaheb says I got to know the attack at the police station that’s why I called locality ladies. Ladies suggest Kalyani to do savitri satyavan vrat for her husband life. Aaosaheb thinks now I will see whether you do vrat for this imposter or not. Shera says no need to do this Pooja. Aaosaheb says today generation of people won’t care for anything. Kalyani agrees to do the vrat and she goes aside to attend the call.

Kalyani gets to know his Aayi is not interested to talk with her and she asks them to try again. Shera comes behind her. Kalyani tells him that she is doing this vrat for Malhar and asks him to practice Malhar sign and leaves.  Godavari says to Shera that Kalyani loves him so much that’s why saved his life. Shera practices the sign and then Shera and Moksh see Aaosaheb asking Kalyani to pour cold water on her and Kalyani pours the water than Aaosaheb asks her to arrange Pooja place. Kalyani cleans the Pooja area and feels cold because of fan kept by Aaosaheb. She hears sound goes out and Shera warns Aaosaheb to not hurt Kalyani.

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