Tujhse Hai Raabta 9th September 2020 Written Update: Pallavi calls Damini as fake caller and informs Kalyani is not good

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The episode starts with Pawar thanks Kalyani for bringing Anupriya and says baby and Avni are fine. Kalyani asks Pawar to get fruits for Aayi giving money. Malhar angrily takes money. Pawar leaves. Malhar says I’m not that poor to provide fruits who gave blood to my wife and he notices bangle in her hand and gets angry.

Kalyani asks how high and low class came in this matter. Malhar leaves saying congratulations on your marriage. Kalyani stops him saying you’re happy with new wife but you can’t bear if you know that I’m moving on, what kind of attitude you have. Malhar says you’re alive from 5 years but did you think how I’m living than what I do .

Kalyani says how can I return to you when you shot me than how can you expect an explanation from me and tell me why you shot me. Malhar stands silent. Kalyani says go and tell your wife about our past, maybe you can’t but I’m going to Inform my future husband about my past that how you shot me in heart and leaves. Malhar cries.

Pallavi says how can your Aayi do this to us. Vivek says she just wants to send one girl to Damini house. Godavari enters saying she don’t care about this marriage and ask them to take it lite. Pallavi shouts on her saying big alliances won’t come and I can’t let Kalyani marry Vikram so shut your mouth.

Malhar takes Avni to home. Pawar calls him. Malhar says they reached home and she will be fine in 2 days. Someone knocks calling bell. Malhar goes to open the door.

Pallavi from Swara phone calls Damini and says to her that Kalyani can’t become mother and Kalyani married twice and this marriage will be her third marriage in changing her voice. Damini asks who are you. Godavari cuts call and scolds Pallavi saying Damini will trace them. Pallavi says that’s why I’m calling from Swara mobile. Damini calls to same number. Godavari takes Pallavi.

Swara notices Damini call in her mobile. Malhar opens the door, Aaosaheb goes inside and asks him to have sweet for Kalyani alliance and for his suspension. Malhar looks at her angrily. Aaosaheb throws sweet at him and says I will take revenge on you for you life long because you’re culprit. Malhar breaks the laddoo Aaosaheb throws at him and says I can bear your insults but can’t take help so tell me what you needed from me for giving blood to my wife.

Kalyani says why you came here Aayi ,you just gave blood and why didn’t. Anupriya says who are you to me. Kalyani angrily says why are you behaving with me even though I’m doing everything for you. Anupriya says don’t say that because you agreed to marry Damini son to help Malhar wife and it’s your decision and she asks Kalyani to see in the mirror saying you still can’t see Malhar in pain and you’re living in past and now you will try to break this Alliance too because now your work is done.

Kalyani says I didn’t say it. Anupriya says if you anything in that way than I believe that my assumption is true about you that’s you’re Madhuris daughter and if you remove this bangle than our relation will end immediately and you can’t have any value in my eyes. Kalyani wipes her tears saying thanks for accepting we still have relations. Anupriya feels dizzy. Kalyani asks her to have something but Anupriya leaves. Kalyani thinks I will see how you won’t eat.

Aaosaheb combs Godavari hair. Godavari says I didn’t feel bad when agree for Kalyani marriage with Vikram because I’m sure you will think best for me. Aaosaheb says that’s what I expected from you and she gave money to Godavari for her new Mobile. Godavari happily hugs her. Aaosaheb says Kalyani will enquire you but you have to hide from her about No parking. Godavari says did Kalyani agreed for Alliance to save Malhar wife. Aaosaheb thinks about it.

Anupriya prepares curry. Kalyani comes to her and says you’re behaving like Rane men and asks her to get her ring from vessel. Kalyani makes Anupriya hands gets strucked in that bowl. Anupriya asks her to remove. Kalyani says you’re not eating with hands so let it be. Anupriya says I can and she tries hard to remove it but she can’t. Kalyani smiles saying they harder. But she can’t. Kalyani asks her to stand and places the food in plate and says I can’t see you in weak mode and feeds her forcefully.