Tujhse Hai Raabta: Kalyani faces multiple challenges

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With viewers of Tujhse Hai Raabta witnessing the marriage of Malhar with Kalyani instead of Avni, now there will be high voltage drama. With Swara’s secret behind her death comes out infront of Malhar, now he is all set to take revenge from Kalyani.

In the upcoming episodes, Kalyani will be shocked to know that Malhar got to know Swara’s death news and how her husband use to torture her. He will also say how in her diary, it was written that she shared all this with Anupriya but she said to keep quite. Malhar blames Kalyani and her whole family. Malhar will take revenge by pushing her and saying your family killed my sister and no matter if Mukku came or not, I would have married you to take all the happiness away from your life. Kalyani cries and begs Malhar that Anupriya can’t do this, she knows her mother.

Aaosaheb has planned all this to take revenge of the fact that Vikram was sent to jail. It will be shown how Aaosaheb himself wrote in Swara’s diary about Swara telling Anupriya the truth and Anupriya being a culprit. Aaosaheb has now blamed Anupriya and in return has put Kalyani at fault too.

On the other hand, Avni will be seen attempting suicide by cutting her wrist. Mukku will see this and call Kalyani. Kalyani will call others. Sarthak will rush her to hospital. The Pawar will later come and arrest Kalyani saying in Avni’s suicide letter she wrote you influenced her in taking this step. Kalyani is shocked, Anupriya tries to stop. Kalyani says let them take, I know you will take me out.

It will be interesting to watch when Mukku will come becoming a helper of chai wala and sell chai. She will go to Kalyani and try to ask her for tea and Kalyani will be shocked to see Mukku there.

Will Aaosaheb’s plan become successful? Will Mukku help in bringing Kalyani back? Will Malhar take a step back from this revenge? Knowing the answers to all this will be fun filled and drama rich. Keep on seeing the show and follow Tellyexpress.