Tujhse Hai Raabta Written Update 14th November 2019: Sarthak accepts his crime

The episode starts with Malhar takes Moksh with him. Sarthak stops him and says he knows how much he is feeling bad for Aahir but it’s not good to leave Kalyani in this way when he loves her so much. Malhar says nothing is happening in a good way and Questions Sarthak why Radhe mentioned he has life threat from you. Sarthak says he doesn’t know who’s Radhe. Malhar says your eyes are saying something else and left saying he will find the culprit.

Constable asks Lady to meet their sir Malhar but lady says he himself is culprit for beating his wife than how I lodge my complanit. Constable scolds her for taking without knowing anything. Malhar stops pawar and asks her to talk with Pawar. Malhar asks Pawar about Sarthak info. Pawar says they will know sarthak whereabouts on July 26 in few more hours.

Kalyani comes to station. Moksh smiles seeing her. Malhar walks away from her. Kalyani asks him how can he say his family is not her family. Kalyani says even she felt bad when she got to know Ahir is behind aayi accident. Malhar says he don’t want to make her life complicated that’s why he is relieving her. Kalyani says he can’t snatch her rights. Kalyani asks him to return her Mangalsutra. Malhar denies saying his value is like trash in the bin so she don’t need his name of Mangalsutra. Kalyani says fine and takes cloth from dustbin and ties it around her neck saying she choosed it for her life and her suhaag is valuable for her.

Malhar says he can’t match her worth and she is right in everything unlike him. Moksh drops pic in the cloth around Kalyani neck. Kalyani cries and ties cloth to her mouth saying she won’t talk. Malhar removes cloth and asks her to go. Malhar says Moksh will stay with his dad and he will take good care of him. Kalyani left the place in tears.

Kalyani throws cloth and than Kalyani sees Swara and Radhe’s marriage pic thinks how this pic is here and runs to inform Malhar. Pawar informs Sarthak at Solapur on July 26 to Malhar. Malhar asks him to enquire more because it’s possible Radhe mentioned info is correct. Malhar thinks how Radhe is related to Sarthak.

Kalyani shouts to stops Malhar jeep and he left without hearing her. She calls him but he cuts her call. Pawar asks her what happened. Kalyani says she got comb and it can be related to Solapur case. Pawar says he will send it for DNA test. Kalyani thinks is Swara marriage with Radhe is reason behind Sarthak enemity with him.

Sarthak tries stops Anupriya when she is going to police station because her bail time is over. AAO saheb says she is not criminal according to Audio tape and Sarthak is criminal. Madhav asks her to stop her accusations. Pawar says comb DNA is matching with blood on the saree that body is Radhe Syam

Kalyani says she knows Why Anupriya wants to surrender in police station and says She knows mHboss plate vehicle belongs to sarthak. Pawar informs to Malhar that vehicle belongs to Sarthak. Kalyani asks Sarthak to reveal truth to everyone. SB says Sarthak in Solapur still how can they believe he can kill someone. Madhav tries to take Sarthak but Kalyani stops him and asks him to reveal the truth so she can save her Aayi. Kalyani fell down while dragging Sarthak. Madhav tries to hit her but Sarthak stops him and accepts he is the one who killed Radhe. Malhar listens Sarthak confession.