Tujhse Hai Raabta Written Update 15th November 2019: Swara breakdowns knowing Radhe is nomore

The episode starts with Malhar’s questions about what happened on 26 July. Sarthak says he got to know Radha alive and he did 2nd marriage. After talking with Anupriya he went inside but there is no one inside their house-made him suspicious.than he saw Swara kissing Radhe in her room. Sarthak says he gets irritated to think their house girl having affair with some other lady. So he followed Radhe in shortcut and accident happened because of his car. Then only he raised Radhe is a guy who is wearing saree. Madhav enters that place with An and Ahir. Madhav says they hide this from everyone to save Sarthak. Malhar says than what happened. Sarthak says he carried the body in his car dickey and accepts he is the culprit in Radhe murder and asks Malhar to arrest him.

Swara enters in white saree and says she won’t allow him to sit in jail and brings axe to kill Sarthak to take her revenge which shocks everyone. Anupriya and Kalyani come in between and Malhar holds axe before it hurts Kalyani. Swara questions Sarthak why he killed Radhe. Malhar asks her why she wears a white saree like a widow. Kalyani says because Swara married to Radhe. Everyone gets shocked.

Malhar asks Kalyani why she hides this truth from him. Madhav asks Swara why she hides this truth. Swara says she used to pray God to protect Radhe but they snatched his life and made her widow. Swara blames the whole family. Madhav says it’s just accident, not an intentional crime. Malhar consoles Swara and says it’s crime to hide the truth from the police.

Malhar asks Sarthak to surrender in the station. Anupriya says he didn’t do any crime. Malhar says it’s tough for him because of one side his sister and Otherside Sarthak. Malhar says his duty is important than a family that’s what he learns from Sarthak. Sarthak agrees and says it’s good at least now he confessed his crime. Sarthak asks Swara to forgive him if it’s possible.

Kalyani tries to stop him but Malhar takes Sarthak with him. Kalyani consoles Swara but she asks Kalyani to leave her alone.

Kalyani gives their Marriage pic to Swara. Kalyani gets a call from an informer. Informer says new info and Kalyani thinks Sarthak is hiding some truth. Malhar asks Kalyani why she hides the truth of Swara Marriage. Kalyani says she got it in the morning and tries to inform him. Malhar takes Moksh with him and asks Kalyani to stay away from his family. Kalyani says to Anupriya why Malhar is talking in this way when his family belongs to her. Aswari observes them hiding behind the wall. Kalyani thinks who involved in Radhe murder along with Sarthak.

Malhar asks Swara to open the door. Swara asks him to leave her alone. Kalyani asks Commissioner to conduct a live detector test for Sarthak because he is hiding something. Contestable informs Radhe is not dead because of the accident but he died after 5hours of the accident. Commissioner gives permission for a live detector test.