Tujhse Hai Raabta Written Update 16th November 2019: Aahir is the real culprit in Radhe murder

The episode starts with Aswari consoles Anupriya and says she will clear the differences between Kalyani and Malhar and asks Anupriya to release Aahir from jail. Anupriya agrees and says she will take her complaint back. Aswari thinks she is not mad to unite them and plans to punish Kalyani for arresting her son.

Pawar comes to Malhar and says they are unable to reach him on phone. Malhar asks Pawar to leave him alone for one day. Pawar says there is something wrong in the case so the commissioner is asking about him. Malhar goes with Pawar leaving Moksh.

Kalyani tells to Malhar that Radhe died not due to head injury at the accident time because of Sarthak. he died due to strangulating his neck 3hours later. Commissioner says they done live detector test to Sarthak because of Kalyani and get to know Sarthak is lying. And that Accident happened because of Sarthak but Radhe is not dead because of the accident. Malhar says So Sarthak is lying and Someone is involved in this murder case. Kalyani says who it can be because apart from Sarthak, Madhav,SB and aahir are at that place.

Aswari thinks how She and Ahir found Radhe is alive in the car dickey. Aswari asks Ahir to kill Radhe and Ahir agrees to her and Strangles Radhe neck and Radhe holds Ahir hair. Aswari says even if police found the body they will think Sarthak is behind this crime and they throws vehicle.

Doctor informs DNA report hair from Comb and hair on Radhe body is matching. Malhar says so this means Ahir is behind the crime. Hearing Moksh cries Kalyani and Malhar gets tensed Aahir is running away with Moksh, Malhar asks him to stop and aims gun at him as he is escaping on scooter. Kalyani stops Malhar.

Kalyani inform about this kidnap to family and Questions Anupriys who released Ahir from jail. Anupriya says she is the one who released him. SB involves and says Anupriya releases him because of her request and she warned him to stay away from home. Kalyani says Ahir is the real culprit in Radhe murder. Family gets shocked. Madhav questions is she mad, and says Radhe died because of accident. Kalyani says Radhe is not dead because of accident and he is dead because Aahir strangulated Radhe. Aswari says Ahir is innocent. AAO saheb questions if he is innocent than why he kidnapped Moksh.

SB acts like crying and thinks how she hekped Ahir to run with Moksh to save himself. Anupriya and Kalyani prays For Mokdh safety. Malhar searches for Ahir and informs to every police station. SB gets Ahir call and SB informs him Malhar us Searching for him everywhere. Seeing Kalyani , SB changes her tone and questions Ahir about Moksh. Kalyani takes phone and asks what he needed. Ahir says he needs to escape from city than only they will get Moksh. Kalyani says he will get what he needed. Kalyani informs this to Malhar and asks him to get Moksh. Malhar breakdown and hugs Kalyani.