Tujhse Hai Raabta Written Update 18th November 2019: Kalyani takes kinners help to search Pillu

Episode starts with Kalyani informs Malhar about Aahir’s call and his demands. She asks him to bring Moksh back and suggest to send her to hostel once Moksh returns and cries. Malhar breaks down and cries. Kalyani asks if our Pillu is fine na and then cries hugging Malhar. Anupriya interrupts them and asks what’s this showing the video on her Mobile, where Malhar request everyone to save his kid from Aahir and who informs about their location will get 2crores as gift.

Malhar says he got call from Aahir and he demands 2crore rupees to release pillu. Malhar warns him to surrender but Aahir says they won’t get Moksh alive if he didn’t get money and cuts the call saying later he will inform location where they have to bring the money.  Kalyani asks what’s the need to make this type of video and it can be risk for pillu life. Malhar says Aahir is not that strong to kill Moksh but seeing that video whole city will search for Moksh. Kalyani asks Malhar to give money to Ahir. Mahar says no.

Anupriya takes Kalyani. Hearing Kalyani words, Madhav asks her what happened. Kalyani says about Aahir demands and how Malhar circulating video to protect Pillu. Kalyani says what if Aahir hurts Pillu seeing the video. Aswari gets shocked and supports Kalyani. But Sarthak says Malhar doing correct thing. Madhav apologies to Sarthak for Aahir mistake.

Kalyani asks Sarthak how Malhar is correct. Sarthak says more people join to search Moksh because of video. Aswari asks them to give the money to save Moksh. AAO saheb says she will give money selling her vaada to save Moksh. Madhav also asks them to take his money. Anupriya says this money is not enough for Ahir. Malhar says no need of money and Says he will enter to the house with Moksh and Aahir gets his punishment.

Kalyani gets surprised by getting her friend Rajith’s call. Rajith says he is following her in sns and says he saw her hubby video about Moksh. Kalyani says Ahir is asking 2crores to save their Moksh. Ranjith says she will get money in the next day and age can save her kid. Kalyani thanks him.

Anupriya asks about Caller. Kalyani says he is Ranjith her school friend. Anupriya says how can she do this without informing Malhar and how can she pay 2crore to Ranjith. Kalyani says she will do anything to save her pillu.

Sarpanch says the whole village will help them to search Moksh and they don’t need any money. Sarpanch says four kids died and pandit suggested for tulsi vivah in every house later they have to do nimarjan of Tulsi in river and asks for AAO saheb permission. AAO saheb says it’s a good thing. Kalyani gets idea and takes kinners help to search Pillu. They agree and she joins and dances with them. She gets disappointed for not getting pillu and cries thinking about pillu. Malhar searches every vehicle. Ahir makes Moksh ready and he covers his face hearing the knock on the door.