December 6, 2019
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Tujhse Hai Raabta Written Update 21st June, 2019 Sarthak gives hope to Anupriya for her future

The Episode starts with Atul stopping Anupriya from going with Sarthak and says I will also come with you. Kalyani tells Malhar that if Aai don’t write the exam then I will also not write exam and says what is Aao Saheb’s problem with Aai writing exam. Malhar says Aai will write the exam and calls Rao. He reminds him of the case no. 456 and asks him to do exactly. Kalyani asks what is that case. Sarthak, Anupriya and Atul come to the Police station. Rao asks Sarthak if they come to registered the statement and asks them to go. He stops Atul from going with them. Atul says I am her husband. Rao says we know how is your relation with Atharv, if you force her to give wrong statement then?

Kalyani asks Malhar about the case no 456 again. Malhar asks why she wants to know and says Aai will come so don’t worry. Kalyani says she has an idea to open this handcuff and says she always has a Plan B ready. Malhar asks her to tell what is her Plan B? Kalyani says did you tell me about the case no. 456. Malhar insists her to tell.

Kalyani tells that she will lose nothing by not appearing for the exam, but Malhar. She goes to Principal’s office and makes a sad face revealing the handcuffs. Principal says you can write the exam with your husband and feels pity for Malhar. He advised Kalyani to get him treated by a good doctor. Malhar is surprised, principal goes. Malhar writes the letter and asks if I have dementia, memory loss as I fell in the bathroom and asks who is this Doctor MMR? Kalyani winks and says you can’t guess your son name its Moksh Malhar Rane.
Malhar says dementia happens in old age and asks if she knows. Kalyani says you are older than me in age. Malhar asks why she wants to prove that he is much older than her. She says she does think as per her wish and asks him not to forget that she will not write the exam until Aai comes. Principal comes back to the cabin. Kalyani tells Malhar that today is her exam and Principal permitted her to write exam with him.

Anupriya is scared and tells Sarthak that she will not write the exam fearing Atharv. Sarthak shouts at her and says you will write the exam. Rao tells Atul that he will send tea for him. Atul thinks it is Malhar’s trick to send Anupriya to college. Ironsmith comes there and tells that he is sent by Pawar. He says he will break the hand cuff. Malhar and Kalyani take him to college room. Kalyani asks if he is experienced in breaking the hand cuff. He says yes. Kalyani says if my hand is broken then how I will take selfies and do my work. Malhar asks her not to disturb him. He sees his hand shaking and is about to hit hammer on Kalyani’s hand, but Malhar moves her hand and gets hit by the hammer on his hand. He shouts in pain. Kalyani asks her friends to bring ice cubes. She gets worried and says your hand is turning blue. She scolds the man for hitting hammer and threatens to break his teeth.

Malhar stops her and scolds the ironsmith telling him that her hand would have hit. Malhar asks ironsmith to make its key and says your exam bell rang. Kalyani says if you have promised that Aai will come surely. Malhar looks on. She asks him to come. He asks her to take her bag. Anupriya gets ready in Salwar Kameez and says even now I am scared. He asks her to have courage and says we will see whatever happens. Sarthak supports Anupriya and says he can see her bright career right in front of his eyes. Constable takes out Anupriya as if he is taking a prisoner but Atul stops them and refused to take tea. Anupriya got scared under the veil.

Kalyani feels bad seeing his hand. Malhar asks her to stop thinking about her hand. Principal comes and says there is no history test today, but you all defaulter students have to take part in debate competition. He asks them to make their jodis and asks Kalyani where is Anupriya? Kalyani says she must be coming. Principal gives her some more time. Kalyani checks the topic and looks on. Malhar reads it and says no relation is better than blood relation. Malhar asks her to give example of Anupriya and herself and speak against the topic. Many jodis come and debate on the given topic. Principal asks Kalyani to come and tells about the topic. Kalyani says Aai didn’t reach yet, principal said you can start and if she comes she can join in.

Precap : Kalyani announces that she wants to punish every single person who creates trouble for her mother and calls a person.

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