Tujhse Hai Raabta Written Update 6th December 2019:Malhar agrees for kidnapper demand

Episode starts with The naxals are taking kalyani in the tempo and sees Malhar on the road. They speed up the tempo. Malhar gets doubtful and stops them and questions what’s in the tempo and why they gets tensed seeing him. Driver says normal tension seeing police and they are taking dirty clothes. Malhar asks them to show the cloth bags. Nadal takes their guns out while he checking tempo. Malhar asks them to open big bag and Kalyani is inside the bag but he didn’t notice her. Mangalsutra fell in the tempo from Malhar hand. Kalyani tries to call him in inebriated state. They packs her again. Malhar notice Malgalsutra is missing and those workers gives him Mangalsutra taking from tempo.

Anupriya worries for Kalyani and thinks where are these dhobi people. Ranchit informs Malhar someone kidnapped Kalyani. Malhar reminds about previous threats for Kalyani and thinks it’s from same people who threatened him and thinks about tempo. Malhar asks Ranchit to go to hospital but he denies and says he will search Kalyani with him.

Anupriya calls malhar and tells that Kalyani is missing and Moksh is crying. Malhar says Kalyani is with him. Anupriya asks him to make Kalyani talk with Moksh. Malhar says I’m outside and talks with Moksh on videocall and asks him to don’t cry because he and Kalyani are safe. Anupriya notice tears in Malhar eyes and asks him what happened. Malhar says he felt emotional seeing Moksh tears. Anupriya asks Malhar to send Kalyani home quickly.

Malhar goes with Ranchit to some location. Ranchit says maybe they are some enemies. Malhar says I will found out. Ranchit shows some mobile is ringing. Malhar attends call and that unknown person says maybe your wife is near to you in the drum. Malhar searches every drum and he gets key.
Ranchit says what they are saying. Malhar says they are playing game leaving the key and asks Ranchit to search otherside.

Malhar goes to car and notice live video of Kalyani shouting for help in laptop. Malhar asks her to don’t worry and he will come for her. Kalyani listens his voice through speaker and asks him to save her. Malhar lift the call of kidnappers and asks them what they needed and why they are punishing his wife. Kidnapper says think why you became my target and what you did to me. Kalyani asks him to come Infront of her. Malhar asks him to leave Kalyani and He can do anything to save her. Kidnapper asks Malhar to prove himself as deshdrohi in 2hours to save Kalyani life otherwise he will get Kalyani body. Kalyani says I know you love me Malhar but don’t do this or me. Malhar agrees to Kidnapper demand.

Ranchit came to Malhar and asks where is Kalyani. Malhar says we will get Kalyani in 2hours and asks him to do one help. He agrees and and goes to Malhar house and says Uday family asked to postpone engagement muhurta because current muhurta is not good. Madhav says how it’s possible, Swara sign him it’s okay. Atharva sings Kalyani fav song Kuch toh rabta song to make Moksh mood better. Anupriya gets worried for Moksh. Kalyani cries and shouts don’t do this to them.